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Provincial Rugby in future rugby games



While all I (or we) can do is hope for WCR2 to have provincial rugby, we can be fairly certain that Rugby 2005 will have provincial teams. The question is, what level can we realistically expect international rugby game developers to go down to?

Obviously Super 12 and Heineken (or Zurich or whatever. The big Europe comp anyway) can easily be expected if they do put provincial teams in.

I won't get involved in the European side of things as I don't know enough.

NPC Division One or the Premier division as it will be in 06 I think can be expected eventually. Especially as the Lions will be taking on these teams next year, and not the Super 12 teams. If NPC is included, I would absolutely love the Ranfurly shield to be there. Absolutely. Totally.

Australia can't really get anything except maybe a fictional tourney between ACT, NSW and QLD. Maybe another team if it gets announced quick enough.

Currie Cup. What would be expected here? I'm not sure how much interest there is for it to be in there. Sure I've seen lots of people's wishlists where they request it along with NPC. Perhaps just a fictional tournament with the South African Super 12 teams? I don't know. If there is interest and it will be a sales increaser then go ahead, I know I won't be playing with them though (except for tours of course, but I could handle just playing the Super 12 teams).
Yes it would be good to play these teams who almost never play each other...Bath vs Bulls, Cardiff vs Waikato, Viadana
vs Brumbies.
I said this somewhere else too, so apologies for repeating myself, but i don't think EA have the rights to the ZP or Euro Cup teams, as on R2004 none of the badges or kits were correct, and teams with non-geographical names (ie Gloucester, Toulouse) were not correclty named, ie London Irish were Exiles, and Stade Francais were Paris. Personally, i'd love to see full super 12, pplus npc and currie cup, both of which we get in the uk through sky, as well as all 12 zp teams, plus the european cup. the ability to create totally new teams would be good too.
Originally posted by tHe_MaC@Aug 18 2004, 09:54 AM
I would Love to see the NPC in this game!
So would i just as long as the squads are up to date

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