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PS2 Out in USA


jersey devil

Sucks to be at work and have the UPS tracking tell you that the truck is on the way to your house.

I'll play tonight (or maybe sneak home for a long lunch) and write up something on here.
Yeah I got the Xbox version coming today as well. Can't wait for it.
Yeah I was having discussion last night with kids on my U-19 team here about Rugby 2005.
Quite a few of them pre-ordered it surprisingly enough.
HS age Rugby is growing fast here in US. Especially here in NJ, DE and PA.

All of them said the same thing though I hope this is better than that 2004 crap.

Gonna be interesting to see.
I hate work!
Now it is actually delivered and sitting on my doorstep.

Better than my news. UPS delayed delivery until thursday due to weather!!! I'm getting ps2; didn't like the xbox button lay-out.
Got my PS2 version in Toronto last night.

My local game store always gets stuff F A S T.

It's great, by the way.

No bad surprises . . .
Yeah I went home and played a few minutes at lunch.
Was in rush to get back to work.

1st I had to go through a training session.
How to ruck, kick, pass run, etc....
I liked the smoothness of it.

Then I played about 2 minutes ireland vs italy.

I know this will bother me using L2 to change players is annoying!
I was hitting X like all the time. Play madden alot alot so this will be trying.

I had trouble following ball a bit bc I felt like guys were really small.
( I have 32" TV).

Anyway I felt rushed to get back to work for mtg and never had the ball on offense so focus was not spot on.

Can't wait to get home and play though.

Reading manual here at work.
U-19 is huge in the South now, too. North Carolina and Tennessee are exploding with teams. Schools love rugby. Minimal equipment, fields are there(soccer or football) and it is a girl friendly sport as well. I referee here in Georgia and South Carolina. Multitude of teams but very limited referees here.
St Patrick's Tourney in Savannah, GA March 19-20

If you have never been and you play or enjoy watching rugby, you should really check it out. 64 teams on 8 pitches.
Skills are different depending on the teams. There are some good mens' clubs here, but college and U-19 are still not as good as you'd find elsewhere. Lack of coaching and lack of coaches with knowledge needed to train well.
yeah i've been to Savannah for St. Pat's for sure.
went to The Citadel so know all about that.

our skill level ranges all over the place.

We have some kids who pick right up on it.
I'm finding that usually wrestlers make the best rugby players.
Fit, fast and tackle well while staying on their feet.
Football (american) players make for good centers and props.
We could use some soccer type players because our kicking lacks.
Kids here just want to kick the ball as far as possible with no regard to tactics.
Just kick it 50 meters who care if the fullback catches it on the run.

Other kids ugh!
Lots of kids who just don't grasp it but in general those kids are ones that don't grasp any sport.

Physically games are good and tough. Mentally has got along way to go.

From general experience here in the US to much time is wasted coaching set-piece type things.
That and spending forever on passing. Especially spin passing.
OMG spin passing.....I thought i was the only one that thought that was lame. Like you need a spiral to get it out? The best dummy plays are set up when you haven't been winding up this big spin pass all game.

When were you at Citadel? Did you play the alumni game this year?
You'll need a decent kicking coach who knows what he's on about.

I've found in Ireland when you take soccer or gaelic football playing kids into rugby they tend to kick the ball too much (even second rows and props). You need to work with them to play sensibly. At that level sometimes the player who knows the rules best and is more tactically aware can shine above greater skilled players.
My fellow Americans, welcome to the forum.

Could this not be continued in another thread pertaining to General rugby, North American Rugby, Rugby Rugby, whatever - as it is fairly off-topic. Thanks.
Gee everything on this forum does seem to stick to topic, huh?
Thanks for the heads up.
It's my opinion that threads will go where they go, and so be it.

But I'm new here, so I'll be good.

The PS2 is out in Canada today for those who couldn't get it yesterday.

EB has it for sure, but not Future Shop.
Fair enough.

But, with the advent of a helluva lot of users coming on board, due in part to this game, I think it'd be great if it spreads itself across the board.

I think what's being said is of interest, and therefore people should be able to find it.
Graduated '95

Didn't play last year.
Might be there this year for my 10 year reunion. god help me i've become old.

We don't kick enough and really if we do it is pointless.
We'll hit fg and conversions but open we stink.