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Just when you can't be any more disturbed in life by seeing this;;

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Life is made good again by witnessing a right royal pwning.

What the f***? Actually I know what. Why the f*** would be more appropriate.

I nearly fell off my chair watching the comeback to it though. Funny, funny stuff.
What i'd really love is if those black guys at the begninng were doing it is a joke.
Kind of a double bluff so the joke is on the guys that made the response and on us for laughing at them.
But i seriously doubt it.
Poor black boys...
The fact those fellas were serious made that video among the most disturbing things I have ever seen.
....all put together in a oven-safe dish, left at 190 degrees for about 3 hours. Once that is done, take it out, season it with maybe some ground pepper, wrap it in tin foil and let it settle for about 25 minutes.
Once it's ready make sure you...you...
*matt looks around...*

*paces up and down the forum and realises he got the rugby forum mixed up with his cookery forum again.*

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