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Question For Trev



Hey Trev,

You've been so helpful thus far - i was just wondering if you are able to comment at all about the current 'quiet' period inbetween development and commercial production? I know you aren't allowed to tell us much but are you able to tell us anything like whether the game is actually in commercial production now or any associated information?
I know those lucky ******** are going to test out the game but it just makes me want to know more about the current situation.

ANYTHING you can tell us would be awesome!!
Trev will tell us what he can when he can, and I think hes told us all he knows or is allowed to at the moment. Someone should delete this thread, we dont want to keep bashing him over the he
.....ad (cont from above post) or we could have him leaving like mario. Im not having a go at you coughas but im sure trev will post info as he gets it in the appropriate thread.
it was never my intention to bash Trev - i am merely looking at it from a business perspective. Just interested in HIP/Ubisoft's intentions in delaying a ***le i am passionate about. They are going to be asking me to invest $90 in a product they are distributing so i think it's only fair that the process is transparant. If there was someone from Ubisoft on these forums then i would direct the question to them but Trev is our only link - and a very valuable one at that.

There is never any harm in asking as long as it is put forth in the right manner and if Trev has nothing more then that's fine.
Hey, don't mind you asking at all.

I don't know squat ... but you can certainly ask.

Will let you know as soon as I know. At the moment end Nov, early Dec looks likely.
thanks Trev, just wanted to check as i find it ridiculous that they don;t tell the developer's of a game anything. if they put more time into marketing the game then they would make more money out of something you guys developed. it just doesn't make sense to me. if i was publishing your game i would do all i could to get as much publicity as possible out there and hence make the return even greater for me. plus i wouldn't be keeping the guys who put their heart and souls into it, in the dark.
bemuzes me!

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