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Quinns relegation hopes



What are people's thoughts on their (Harlequins) return and survival in the Premership? Now we all know, how talented Dean Richards was as a player (English comments only please) but can he pull the rabbit out of the hat and keep the Quins up??

Bearing in mind that they have been Mighty unlucky in some matches.

They should be alright. Give them some time to get back on their Premiership Feet. Now, at least, everyone can see that the threat of relegation is real.
They should have beaten Irish in the opener, and were up at half-time at home against Gloucester and Leicester - and they have yet to play a team who are in the bottom five of the table.

They also have several big players out at the moment - Vos, Mehrtens, Abbot, Volley - who should add a bit more experience when they get back.

What they really need is a fit quality number 10 - Jarvis is not a Premiership standard fly-half - like Staunton before him ... Quins need Mehrtens fit again or a top replacement soon, otherwise they could find themselves several points behind by Christmas.

Not sure Gomarsall is the answer either ....
Quin's will battle and they will stay up IMO

But feel it will be a 3 way battle between Newcastle and Worcester, and still wouldnt be suprised Saracens getting involved in it as well...

But there is still a long way to go and alot can happen...
Dean Richards is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, and I beleive that he will do a top job at Quins. Just a mater of time!

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