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Right then boyos, could those who have the game give us their marks out of 10 and a one paragraph/sentence summary of their thoughts. For those who don't have it - me included - that would give us a real insight into what the consensus is I think.

Cheers all.
I would personally give it an 8/10 , its not perfect but compared to the other ***les , this game is god. There is room for improvements but its still going to keep my playing till Rugby2006

best rugby game at the moment, altho theres a few bugs that could easily be spotted, it will keep me playing till rugby league 2 gets released
Ok, I'm one for using decimal points in my marks. I think for the standard gamer it'd be about 8.1. For a big rugby fan though, I think it'd rate about 8.9.

Not perfect yet, but an awesome step up. My version is PC by the way. Only version I could find!
Can't wait to get it on X-Box as well though!
after only a few games, I would put 6.5 BUT, I need to play more to maybe get the gist of the game! I have noticed flaws, and I am dispapointed to see that you can't select a player to create a maul. Besides, mastering the tackling system seems tricky:-(
I'd say 7.5 to 8. What I do like is if your wing goes solo and gets tackled without any support, you pretty much lose the ball everytime. I did a Lions tour to SA last night, and being greedy, rather than kick from inside my own 22, I would try to run it out with B O'D. Sure, I'd beat two or three guys but by the time Percy Montgomery tackled me, there was no support and I turned it over.

I kind of wish there were more set plays. Also, and I am a little biased since I wear #4, you have to really make a conscious effort to get the ball to the forwards otherwise the game can turn into a "back sprint-fest." I have only had the game a day, so I am sure some other things will hit me later. If you have any interest in rugby, you have to get the game. I actually enjoyed the mandatory drills when you first start the game, and the drop goal challenge in training is fun as well (still have not hit a 6 pointer yet
I'd give it a 8.5 out of 10.0

I like it more than madden, I can tell you that much.
I would Rate this game 7.5.........
Even if it's the best rugby game on the market at this time, there is plenty of room for improvement.
Graphics are good but nothing great..........
Gameplay is ok but there are a few things missing
Tackling needs a lot of practice
bugs all around the place

But still i'm playing like crazy.....
Solid 7 might go up as I play more.

Yeah I like Madden better but I like rugby well because it's rugby.

Best rugby game I've ever played.
I'm gonna go with a 7.8.

Nowhere near a perfect game of rugby yet (WTF is up with the ball physics after all?), but the room for improvement is there and it can be made oh-so much sweeter in the next few versions.

Think of this as World cup '02 as compared to FIFA 2005 - it is damn good but will get bigger and better.

AI isn't great - kicks too much and generally pretty dumb

Great game, but can get fustrating because its too realistic! eg. No points!