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RC3 on PS4 kick in touch caught in touch and played by AI


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Feb 27, 2017
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Go to 5:13 of this vid


I contested the ball, won it and accidentally kicked, the ball flies into touch, the AI catches it in touch and then passes the ball to himself in bounds.

Confused. I don't know all the rules but this seems odd to me.
Ok so it's legal to catch it in touch and then quick line out and you can toss it to yourself?

The welsh player catches it in touch. The kick went directly to touch so that might be why?

The he tosses it to himself but makes sure the toss carries him in bounds.

This is awesome, went to a rugby ref forum. 6 page thread on it!

You can do this, the ball just must travel 5m.

I find this amazing wicked witch coded this into the game.

Even wilder is that the player made a choice to do this. I accidentally kicked it to touch from inside my 22 which had he not done the quick throw would have given them a line out at my 22!

A quick throw is allowed to be taken if all of the following apply:

1. The ball that went into touch is the same ball used for the quick throw
2. The ball has not touched any other person, other than the player about to throw the ball back into play
3. The ball is being thrown in by the same player who retrieved the ball (i.e a team mate hasn't gathered the ball and passed it to the player who is going to throw the ball back into play)
4. The player throwing the ball back into play hasn't stepped onto the field of play before the throw is complete (i.e hasn't put part of their foot or feet into the field of play as they are in the act of throwing the ball in)
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