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Re-assigning buttons with EA Rugby 08 (PC)




I have recently bought this game for my PC, and am playing it with Xbox 360 controllers. However I am finding the default controls a little testing, for example having run and pop pass as the same button is a bit stupid, as well as having the offload button different from the pass button.

I have looked in the in-game menu and cannot find the options to change the controls. Perhaps I am being stupid and missed them? Or perhaps they are somewhere else.. could somebody help?

well thats weird, i havnt heard of anyoen having trouble with the xbox 260 controllers.

and no you cannot change the buttons, not easily anyway. I havnt needed to, with my logitec gamepad its fine :)
Thanks for the speedy reply spar.

I am slowly getting used to the controls - I just wanted to change it to the Jonah Lomu rugby controls!

Also whilst I have your ear, in rugby 06 you were able to hand people off, side step, shoulder charge etc, is this possible to do in rugby 08? If so, how do I do it?

Thanks in advance :)
well i dont know the buttons exactly that you use.

for me its l2 and one of the face buttons that does it. for xbox360 try the left trigger and the face buttons. who knows what it will do :)
I use a Ps2 controller and a program called xpadder. It's really easy to use and configure your buttons it emulates keyboard buttons onto your pad. The only downside is if your playing 2 players because it uses the keyboard buttons it controls both players.

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