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Red Cards..?



I was playing Rugby 06 the other day against the computer and within the first ten minutes the computer controlled Scottish side had two players red-carded for high tackles. Now these were straight reds - no warnings or anything just straight off. The first player off was the number ten and he was followed by the fullback.

Obviously I then smashed the comp but was wondering how many red cards the comp normally picks up in the experience of other players. I am pretty sure that this was the first time that I had seen a red card in a game certainly the first time I had seen two players red-carded within minutes of each other.

I wonder what the most red cards in a game has been?
I'm far more shocked at the fact that Dan Parks would have tackled someone.
it's a pretty strange thing to happen... i guess the random number for high tackle -> red card just came up twice in quick time.

i hardly get straight red carded and i hardly see the pc get yellowed let alone red carded.

even if i try to deliberately kill the ball, high tackle, collapse scrum and collapse maul in order to get as many players sent off as possible, i still can't!
wow !

didn't even know that you could get red carded in this game, never saw that happening...

... if Rugby 07 penalises late tackles... then yes, you'll see loads of cards with various colors i guess :p

... but not now

... always have plenty of fun making those big late hits on the opposite kicker... if you do it 4, 5X then he's likely to be injured or replaced... hi hi hi hi

.... :cheers:
It game me (or more specifically, Stirling Mortlock) a straight red the other day for a dangerous tackle... When the computer made a tackle! :S I still won the game/

Andyway, the following game in the season mode, the computer got one of it's players to have a straight red for hands in the ruck.

I scored 60-odd points in that game.

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