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Refereeing Standards - Caught in the Middle with you

Quel Carreleur

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Nov 12, 2015
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Given the semi-regular calls for ref.s to be assessed after each match (and the repeated assurances that they have been, for decades)
Don't be a rockstar, rugby referees told by their coach

Part 1/4: For the first time, Premiership rugby referees explain about how they reach decisions and how they review them

Referees are the most scrutinised and criticised members of professional rugby. They have no fans; a team of four neutral mercenaries employed to keep the peace in a sport where interpretation of the law dictates matches, and even players' careers.

To better understand the profession, Telegraph Sport shadowed Christophe Ridley, a Premiership regular who will be officiating at his first World Cup later this year. Our four-part series starts today with the coaching sessions that take place each week. Come back on Wednesday for an explanation of match-day reviews, including a row about protecting scrum halves at the ruck. On Thursday we explain what the officials get up to on their days off. And the series concludes on Friday with a closer look at exactly what happens on a matchday.

Rugby referees: 'We don't have definitive answers'

Part 2/4: For the first time, Premiership rugby referees explain how they reach decisions and how they review them
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Rugby referees get psyched up before matches too: listen here

In the final instalment of our four-part series, we go into the dressing room as referees psyche themselves up for a match with chest-bumps
@Which Tyler Thanks for sharing very interesting to get their perspective and processes, still doesn't fully explain the lack of consistency in a single game though which has long frustrated me.

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