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Relegation showdown!



Well, now that Worcester have beaten Newcastle, we have to consider what the chances are of either Worcester or Northampton going down this season.

Northampton have time on their side with two games in hand. However the quality of opposition is against them with:
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle
  • Wasps
  • London Irish
Facing them in their final three games. Worcester however have equally difficult opponents in:
  • Bristol
  • London Irish
  • Saracens.
Arguably, because Northampton have Newcastle, Saints have the advantage of possibly squeezing out some easy points while Worcester will have to dig deep to get any wins out of any of those matches.

My prediction for who will go down? My logical head says Worcester but my heart says Northampton. I've simply grown too attached to Worcester in my years work experience there!
We're going down, I can feel it.

In all the time we've been struggling in the Premiership over the last 3 seasons, I don't think we actually ever hit the bottom.

And I don't think we currently have the steel to climb back out of the hole we're in.

Barwell is a class A clown, Grayson was a great player but seems lacking as a coach, and quite frankly players like Carlos Spencer having a sulk because things aren't going well do not help us.
I honestly see Northampton pulling this one out.
From what i've seen this season (which isn't much) it's that Northampton have the ability to win a big game if necessary.
They have the heart in the team and i will see them pull through.
I wish i could base my beliefs on something more than the occasional game i have seen throughout the seaon, but without sky sports my erguement is limited by the lack of games i have seen.
So call it faith.
Northampton to stay up.
After the Second Half Performance last season, they seemed to be doing right on the pitch, I seriously hope they scrape this season and stay up...
Saints will stay in the GP, we'll pick up a losers bonus at Bristol on Sunday leaving us and worcester level with 3 games to go. The game at Kingston Park is vital for us a win at Newcastle and a losers bonus at Adams Park could hopefully seel it before Irish come to us on the final day..... We dont want to be a in a situation where he have to beat irish on the last day to stay up
King Carlos will save Northampton.

Only if King Carlos pulls his finger out of his arse and stops sulking around the pitch like a spoilt girl.

'Oh, but he's so skillful, he must be too wonderful for you Northerners' I hear you cry.

I paid good money to go to Bath and watch him boot the ball aimlessly into the air for 40 minutes of the match. That will not save our season.
I must admit watching 'King' Carlos in that game, You could see how predictable he has become, his game was totally off, although Northampton woke up in the second half, they cannot afford to lose a single game especially as Worcester have now seemed to have found their form...

I would love to Newcastle go down to be honest be some nice players coming onto the market if they did and the same with Sale...
King Carlos will save Northampton.

Will he ****.

He's one of the reasons why NH clubs think twice about signing up any SH talent over the age of 25 these days!

"King" Carlos was just in it for a quick buck to pad his retirement fund, nothing more nothing less.
Actually my experience of being receiving 3rd degree burns through ropey foreign legion signings should give me more than enough experience to warn others not to make the same mistakes!

And actually, other teams had it worse! Remember that Bristol imported a load of stars and then were relegated!!!
Everyone is talking about it from a saints perspective, but taking a look at the form book i wouldn't be surprised to see worcester win 2 or even all 3 of their remainding games. They are scoring tries and not conceding much. It's too close to call imo, but i'll go for Worcester to stay up on the basis of current form.
Rugby is a 15 man game ... yes Carlos is one of rugbys true heroes and can do both amazing and useless things. But it will be all 15 men who keep us in the league or get us relegated. We dont need Carlos to win a game... we need the team to win games. Im sure Carlos will play his part in trying to keep us in the league but at the end of the day one mans efforts wont be enough come April 28th
Well currently its advantage to Worcester..

Newcastle could still be dragged into the battle, especially if Saints and Worcester both win at the weekend, they lose to Saints...

I believe Bath and Sale are now Safe... but I suppose that nothing can be so certain...

Northampton will have to dig deep now and work as a team to pull themselves up...

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