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Discussion in 'EA Rugby 08' started by Scrumit2, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Can anyone other me some assistance with the issues I face with Rugby 08? Here's a brief history of what has happened. In Sept I loaded Superpatch and everything was working PERFECTLY. I was 3 games into a S14 season, had won a Tri-nations and, had played numerious matches against freinds, and was in the Semis of the WC. Then i had to take a break from gaming to help with the birth of our youngest son. Now that things are stable on the home front and I have free time again I was going to get back into my end of night whind down sessions of 08, however I couldn't get any of the game modes to load. They all got to the loading stage going into the match and froze at the loading screen with the loading bar froze. Now we have some disc clean-ups in the recent past (and by we I mean my wife) so I figured that maybe some of the patch files were damaged. I un-installed 08 figuring I would re-install and then add the patches on and start from scratch. However now I have even more issues. Before after I added the Superpatch all the old loading screens on vids from the original games disappeared only the superpatch screens showed up. By Loading vids and Screens I mean the EA video at the beginning and the Rugby 08 "Click to Continue Screen". Now both the EA screens and vids and the Superpatch screens both show up. Secondly anytime I make the game think i.e. load a roster or profile or start a tourney the game kicks me back to my desktop and I cant get back into the game even though is shows open on my desktop.

    I have re-installed, then re-down loaded the Superpatch. I put the roster and profile files in "My Document/ EA Sport Rugby 08" as full file. i have taken all the big and fsh files an put then in "Program Files/ EA Sports Rugby 08". Where have I gone wrong? Also I was unsure if the Superpatch workered Separate to MUP (which it says it does) but when I went to find MUP new downloads the link to file front has been terminated so I can't even try re-loading the MUP first.

    Can someone help me please? I am only partially pc literate so maybe the answer to whats gone wrong is quite simple but I dont know it. Would really appprecaite the help as Rugby 08 before bed was my answer to the glass of wine or warm milk.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Ok, let's try a couple of things. Forget MUP for the moment.

    You have Superpatch? Go into your directory, and delete the file called .rdf ..This is normally what makes the Crash to Desktop for me. If that doesn't work, go to the profile folder in my documents, and rename it something. It won't delete it, but it will temporarily deactivate it. Then run the game.

    If it still crashes, go to the directory you have the mod files in and delete them all. Then try to run the game.

    Failing that, uninstall, and re-install with no added files, just as the original game. See how that goes, it's likely to be a profile or .rdf crash as it's related to the spec of the PC or in the case of the .rdf, it is bugged for some people, others have no issues at all.
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    hey gyus im new can someone give me the link to the superpatch
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