Republicans get thoroughly thumped in mid terms

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by sanzar, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Democrats thump Republicans in mid terms ... oh, and Ripper is gay

    What does everyone think of this? Personally I think it's a great victory for the people in the US who have been continually lied to by this regime. It's about time they realised that their security (security refers to more than just military for those who wish to claim otherwise) was actually being eroded by their policies and not increased.
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  3. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    Hooray! A new group of people to manipulate and lie to us!

    Let's face it, our political system is screwed any way you approach it. We never have a balance of power, it's always one upheavel after another. One extreme to one extreme. Yes, the democrats will lead us all now, but in 4-8 years everyone will be complaining about their lame policies and corrupt whatever and vote back all the gun licking republicans.

    Ahhhhhh! What we need is a Black Lesbian President...that should make everyone happy...ha!

    *no offense to anyone of african ancestory or women who prefer the company of other women over the company of a manly lumberjack or any persons who have been or desire to be a president of any form whether it be of a club, a company, a small country (or large), or a neighborhood watch group.
  4. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Yeah, fair point. A two party democratic state is generally a more PR friendly version of an oligarky in some ways... But hey, at least you may soon have a president that can get through a speech without some of it appearing on a 'dumb president quotes' website :D .
  5. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Bush made a fair point today, I know I was shocked too, when he was talking about it being a close election with the cumulative effect a thumping. Plenty of seats were decided within margins of less than 2%, that's a more than attainable gap for Republicans to close in 2 years before the 08 elections.

    What's the story with Virginia though, 8000 votes between them and they don't call it, was only 1700 in Montana where they did. Point was made on CNN that in a recount last year in an attorney general race, or something like that, there was a recount with only 300 votes between the 2 candidates and they only ended up gaining something like 30 votes each, so to suggest that the Republicans can overhaul 8000 votes is a longshot to say the least.

    The results should certainly make Bush rethink some of his policies and Democrats seem to have an early victory with the resignation of Rumsfeld, and about time too, man should never have been there in the first place after his cowtowing to Saddam during the 80s.
  6. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Yeah, I saw that CNN thing too... but hey, with this new electronic thing they may be able to overtern those 8000 votes in Virgina!

    Seriously, what they hell were they thinking with this electronic voting stuff??? A recipe for disaster... or a recipe for 'more disaster' I suppose.
  7. that's why i think we live in a pseudo democracy. i duno if i've explained this before (perhaps in the world pol deb) but i think that having the choice between a corrupt guy and a morron, is not really a choice. democracy is supposed to be the expression of ppl's will. but when your obliged to choose, then it can't be called democracy. and its getting even worst in france and US (sorry but i don't know a lot about SH countries), as we now have the choice between only 2 guys ... what a democratic vote !!! its eigther voting for the devil or the demon ...

    i think democrates or republicans, parti socialiste or ump (both french equivalent of the two americans) is the same **** !!! they are totally out of the real world, talking of things we don't f****** care and forgetting the essential : ppl's life. politics are supposed to be our representents and now they are just a band of motherf***** that only think of their own ass and carrer, complitely forgetting what their job is : making the basic guy's (like us all) life better ...
  8. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    C’est la vie, mon amie.

    That's how I felt between Bush and Kerry at our last presidential election. Kerry was a freaking moron who actually supported the invasion of Iraq, and then was talking about how horrible it was for the Bush administration to have done it. Iraq was not completely a Bush was passed by all of our representatives. It passed a 3/4 majority vote. Anyway, I could talk about this crap all day. I felt like I was voting for the lesser of two evils last election.
  9. hey f*** you !!! i'm not a girl !!! you wrote amie !! its ami for a boy !!! :)

    anyway i understand your position ... and i'll be in the same next may (french presidential election + legislativ, that is the parliment). at least here on the 1st round of the election, you have the choice between a dozen candidates, but when it turns to the 2nd round, its always PS against UMP ... which is the same as democrates against reps ... marvelous !!! i could, not talk about that all day, but more **** on it all day !!! :)

    i didn't know about kerry and the war, i thought he was against ...
  10. DC

    DC Guest

    Sanzar i really dont appreciate you trying to sit here and say that Bush is an idiot, did you go to an ivy league school? Did you have a great score on the SAT? Do you have a fairly high IQ at 130?

    I really don't agree with that viewpoint of my president.

    Sure he may not have the best linguistic skills but im sure no one else in the history of the world has ever made gramatical mistakes..

    Kerry is a f***ing idiot, what he said about the troops made me angry that stupid *******.

    Anyways the reason a lot of the dems one the seats and races and what not was because a lot of the republicans running seemed to have a lot of democrat ideas added to their republican ideas which made the republicans rethink on who they were going to vote for. Here in ohio we had sherrod brown for senate vs mike dewine. Brown (D) i think is a moron to be perfectly honest and DeWine ® didnt exactly run a great campaign. He didnt hit brown where he needed to and also DeWine seems to have a lot of democrat ideas mixed in with his republican ones, which made a lot of republicans second guess voting for him. Ah well, we get 6 more years of the Senate being controlled by the Dems.. ahh well.
  11. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Sanzar i really dont appreciate you trying to sit here and say that Bush is an idiot, did you go to an ivy league school? Did you have a great score on the SAT? Do you have a fairly high IQ at 130?

    I really don't agree with that viewpoint of my president.

    Sure he may not have the best linguistic skills but im sure no one else in the history of the world has ever made gramatical mistakes..

    Kerry is a f***ing idiot, what he said about the troops made me angry that stupid *******.

    Kerry is a moron, he's your version of Kim Beasley, i.e. can speak for an incredibly long time and yet say nothing (wait, I guess that speaks for pretty much everyone in politics)... but yeah, he stands for nothing.

    As for the comments about the troops, well I know you like getting angry about these sorts of things, but I believe he was actually having a go at Bush's academic record and stuffed up the joke (well at least that's what the Australian media said in quoting his actual written speech which he cocked up).
    Furthermore, if you want to be upset about 'disrespecting the troops', perhaps you ought to check out how rapidly their social benefits scheme's have been eroded under the current administration? Surely that is a heinous act of disrespect in itself.

    As for 'smart man' Bush, well no DC I didn't go to an Ivy league school and all that, but hey, I didn't have a family that was essentially an entrenched part of the US upper class (his granpappy's involvement with Nazi investment surely helped that one) to ensure I didn't fail. Family's buy success for their dumb kids when they have that much influence and money, it's just like Jamie Packer out here, who had his daddy bribe his University to get him straight grades all through.

    What you have to understand DC, is that you're a fool to trust any of these Jokers... I know it's tempting to get caught up in the patriotic circus proliferated by the media during times of conflict, but such things are designed to get people's minds off the issues surrounding the reasons for war. To paraphrase Herman Goering (as a key figure in helping organise Nazi Germany's compliant nationalism), all people's in any country are easy to unite, all you need do is provide them with something to hate and fear, an antithesis of what you claim to be essential to 'your culture' (The Jews provided this for the Nazi's, and the Arab's are providing it for you). I'm not comparing the US to Nazi Germany of course, I'm simply outlining the way in which such a tactic has been used throughout history. It's no surprise for example, that the US and the West in General were desperately seeking to build China as 'the new enemy' after the demise of the Soviet Union... if people don't have anyone foreign to hate, they may turn their attention inward.

    Don't take it personally though DC, afterall I'm not actually partisan to the democrats in anyway, and if you thought I was, then I'd suggest that is merely a reflection of your own incredibly partisan support for the republicans. I just think the democrats are less likely to get Australia involved in more conflicts and I consider that to be in my and Australia's best interest. Because realistically helping you lot achieves us nothing when considering the US will only ever help us (by it's own admission) if doesn't conflict with their perceived national interest.
  12. DC

    DC Guest

    sure he may be rich but the man is very smart, he had a very good GPA when he attended the ivy league school.. the comments werent aimed at you but more a broad base of people who make him out to be some sort of idiot because he has some grammatical problems when he speaks..
  13. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    just remember that smart and a high IQ don't necessarily go hand in hand. Kerry and Bush being prime examples of this.
  14. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    George W. Bush is the worst President in American History

    Coming in after Clinger make him look even worse

    I dont need dumbass presidential quotes to tell me otherwise

    I look at the local petrol prices, and watch the demolition in Iraq, and I see unprecedented security all over the world....its not a safer planet, its far worse than ever before.

    Some say its the sleeping giant awakening. (Religion)

    I say its an idiot pushing the wrong buttons which influences more than a continents economy, and what makes matters worse this idiot Bush is just as religious as the Middle East.

    Remove religion, you remove the conflict

    I know u cant remove religion.....but u can at least ignore it for the sake of everyone welbeing and safety, which is what politics is.

    This Bush regime is one of the highest ever religous powerhouses to run the USA.

    Its not a coincidence religion and politics cause conflict....its fact.

    Anyone see that DVD "World according to Bush"

    Footage on this DVD shwoing Cheney speaking in a mass full of religous christians........he was showing of what u cannot determine the was a **** poor satelite photo of something black...perhaps a was in the sky...and in the middle east.......Cheney quote unquote says "People....this image is not of a military aircraft, or machine....this image is a dimonic spirit, they live in the evil realms of the middle east and need to be eliminated for the benefit of our beliefs blah blah blah......."

    Basically came across to me as a lost religous desparate fool trying to influence weak minds into thinking there are "REAL SPIRITS" bad and good which make our planet do what it does.

    Scariest thing of it all...........everyone is buying it...well alot of people are, and now the post powerful nation on the planet is now getting all hell bent religous, coz of the Bush regime.

    Smart and Honosty and 2 very different things

    He may be smart.........but that means u can manipulate the meaning of honosty, and the not so smart jump on board
  15. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    He's not smart... trust me, just read the chronicles of his involvement with business.
  16. DC

    DC Guest

    IQ is simply Mental Age / Chronological Age
  17. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    DC, living in America (being an American? not sure if you are...) how has this election affected your area up there in Ohio?
  18. i have this DVD ... really frightening !!! i think as someone said, democrats are the less of the two evils ...
    republicans are ONLY interested in profits and the perfect example is New Orleans, they've let 1 million ppl in the **** 'cause it costed way too much to help them, about 0.0000000000001 % of what the petrol companies earn a day, which is still too much. democrats are just a bit less than that ... still frightening though ...

    btw have you seen the French troops of the FINUL based in south Lebanon, nearly got attacked by the Israeli air force. the planes came on an aggressive trajectory, simulating an attack on that base. the ground to air missiles of the base defence stoped 2 secs before shooting the planes ... well that’s what they said on tv ... but the Israeli ambassador in Paris has been convoked to the French ministry of foreign affairs ...

  19. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    hardly a surprising incident given the nature of relations between Israel and France.
  20. ??? why do you say such a thing ???
  21. DC

    DC Guest

    To be honest it really hasnt effected ohio too much, glad to see taft out of office he was an idiot.. but i'm not sure how Strickland will do in office.. that has to be seen.

    Cleveland is still the same old,dumpy, poor city it was before.. but thats what a lot of unions do for a city <_<
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