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Hey everyone, just going to say, if anyone has any requests, things like an avatar being made for them from a photo or logo, improvements to the forum etc, let us know and we'll see what happens
In time another skin would be good. I've gotten sick of the default invision skin. So many forums use it. Maybe try get the one from the last TRF, the whiteish based one. That was pretty cool.
Yep, I would like a new skin as well, it is a lot of work though, and the new version of IPB is possibly coming out soon, which would make it a lot of pointless work. I will look into it though when I get the chance
Think we need a grammar monitor. There were a few boys on the back up forum who were pretty hard to understand!
Originally posted by Ripper@May 24 2004, 09:09 PM
A Spell Checker...
not going to help you with your Trial/Trail problem
That's exactly what I mean. Lol I can just about put up with, but I'm really not too sure about text message speak.

What does stfu mean?
Sometimes the edit button won't appear. Also admin powers and a skyline would do nicely.
doesnt work. Im trying to upload a 48.kb JPG and it says

The requested file upload failed. This is either because it was not in the correct format, or the file size was larger than that allowed. Please check the file you wish to upload and try again."

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