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If you have a resolution problem with r2005 (i.e. you want to play it at a higher resolution but it won't let you) let me know.

I think I've come up with a fix.
Lazy Chestnut, are you going post how you can increase the resolution ?

I can't get it higher than 1024*768.

Graphics on pc version are not too bad but could be a lot better. The replays are comical sometimes they suddenly speed up like a scene from a piece of 1920's newsreel.
They do need to work on the graphics before (if) they release 2006.

The graphics on x version are not very good. Lets hope the X Box 2 and PS3 support resolutions for playing on high definition tv's. I think PAL TV's only display at 640 by 480 .
I think TVs have a higher resolution that 640x480!

Anyways, go to my website for the resolution editor.
Cheers man, it works
800x600 to 1280x1024.. took a print screen and put it in photoshop, and it was 1280x1024 so it obviously worked

By the way, no more updates from me, I've given up with Rugby 2005, it's so bloody ****.
Thanks for that mate, your site was one of the best around. Are you still going to keep it running?
I'll still host stuff on there.

I might pass it on to someone else who wants it though...

Any takers?
I fancy wee shot aye but I don't know a huge deal about websites but as long as I could add the downloads etc that would be cool.
Haha, he said wee. Sorry.

I don't know if he'd be interested but JJ might like to have it as he already has a rugby gaming website and this could be an add on type thing.
If you need a host for downloads I might be able to do it. I haven't really done much to my site since the release of Rugby 2005 though.

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