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RL2 Tries from kicks...VIDEO DOWNLOAD



This is a 3min compilation of tries I scored from kicks:


It goes for 3 mins and is 31MB....This is the type of video Sidhe/HES should have been using to promote RL2 instead of the official trailer which just shows tackling animations.

For any dialup users I will be happy to post a smaller file of the video.

Post your thoughts of the video here
Not bad mate! The framerate makes it look a little dodgy, but it's a good compilation. You certainly got the hang of chips and cross kicks didn't you? They were pretty impressive tries!
Nice work.

I must admit, I could never pull off some of those tries...

..Then again, I did have a limited amount of time with the game.

Lol. The framerate makes it look like JLR what with all the sliding along the ground etc.

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