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Originally posted by woosaah@Jul 21 2006, 04:35 AM

yep thats right folks rocky six!!!!!!!!!!

i dont think this movie will be anywhere near the quality of the previous ones, but thought some people might want to see this.

sly is way to old, and i cant beleive he is doing another rambo 2
The first one of the series was the only one with some quality the others were **** and **** plus some **** in case you didn't notice. Well at least this is resting time for your brain when you watch such movies.
The first was awsome, is sly actully going to be fighting in the new movie???

They need to make another kick boxer movie, i would pay money to see sasah micthell or van dam (they could set it before the frist one) kick tong po's arse yet agian, hell i would pay money just to see tong po agian :lol2tn:

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