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Roster update for Rugby 2006

Can your update update the Xbox version or only the PC version?
I've got pro evolution soccer 5 that i know can be updated for the Xbox?
The French teams have correct names and the international players have correct faces.
Just email me Bubu and then I'll send it.

To give others a few more details...

I have coorected all the French names/faces where possible. I have also (as according to BBC sport) updated nearlly all game teams. Certainly all the major international and european teams should be correct, as well as most of the G-Prem and S14 teams. There are also soveral stat changes which (in my opinion) improve game stats.
If anyone sees any problems with my roster just pm me and I can change it.

If you'd like it just email me.
To Spearman,

Thanks a lot. I don't know if the Super 14 teams are updated but European teams seem to be good.
Hopefully all should now have my roster. If you haven't got it or would lke it, or would like changes just PM.
i received it, but don't know how to use this file. Do i place it as the kits, just in the root directory of rugby 06? tkx a lot
i'm terribly stupid, i just found the save directory in " my documents", so forgive me i think i understood... a bit too late, but i did !
Someone (apologies I deleted the PM) requested my roster.
Their email was

[email protected]

I received a delivery notification failure when I sent the roster. Please PM me your email address again.

Apologies for deleting it. :wacko:

Came;back is correct - the .ros file goes in yourdocuments folder.
hi, i dont like giving out my emails due to spam etc, would it be possible to post this up on some filesharing site? thanks
I'll be making several changes as soon as Dharf releases his next player editor. I hope to put it up on a file-sharing site when that's done.
See my above post.

If you see mistakes please do enlighten me!
None of the S14 teams have been changed and since the season down under has now started perhaps someone could produce a team list???

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