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Rich Taff

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Feb 10, 2013
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Sorry if it's been brought up before, but my friend's 11 yr old just bought the game.
Whilst it's inproportionately satisfying to beat him (the 11yr old) so badly that he wants a refund (after being annhilated by him in FIFA for so long), I have to ask.
How the hell do you retain the ball in attack at a ruck?
If I try to immediately 'release the ball' with right trigger, I get penalised. If I wait, the defence steals the ball with right stick(?).
Same in defence. There's no way the opposition appears to be able to stop me getting a turnover (in 2 man, not v AI).

One more thing. Lineouts appear to be uncontestable, as the ball is thrown, passed, goes through 2 or 3 pairs of hands, then the contesting lineout jumper goes up.

As I said, sorry if it's been brought up before, but I've had an evening of doors slamming and screaming that 'its not fair!', with demands of 'i want my money back!'. Then my friends 11yr old started playing up as well.