Rugby 06 360????

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Kage, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Kage

    Kage Guest

    There is a link on to screenshots of Rugby 06, which it says is for PS2, X-Box and X-box 360!!!!!

    Now on the site where the shots are there is no mention of 360 at all, so it is most probably a mistake from shacknews...but it is interesting to think about.
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  3. Its not interesting at all as it would mean I would have to fork out for a 360 [​IMG]
  4. I personally can't see it happening. Maybe next year but, this is too much.
  5. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    this is from PALGN

    EA working hard on Rugby 06

    But no release date yet.

    EA sports have today let it be known that they are officially working on Rugby 06. Development is being headed up by EA Canada and HB Studios, and will be present and correct on the PC, Xbox and PS2. A 360 version has not been confirmed.

    The game will feature a vast array of different real-world rugby tournaments, such as the Tri Nations, Super 14, Six Nations and the Lions Tour. New gameplay features, such as quick line-outs, off-load passes and quick penalties for encouraging quick play.

    Presentation will also be a focus, with commentary from Ian Robertson and former All Black Grant Fox. Real life stadiums from all over the world, such as Twickenham, will also be available as venues to grind up the opposition.

    There's no official release date of yet, but the middle of next year seems like a reasonable guess. PALGN will have updates on the game as it progresses.

    So it does seem a little grey......i reckon they would have said so, if they do not intend to go on 360, so i am guessing, they will weigh up thier optiion closer to release, and see if they can.........GOD DAMN I'D GET A 360 EVEN IF THEY ALL OVERHEATED, if Rugby was on it.
  6. Kage

    Kage Guest

    The 360 version would be the EXACT same game, only running at a better resolution, framerate etc.
  7. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    they would prob have it in hd on the 360
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