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Rugby '06 PC Complete Game Roster Update




Rugby '06 PC Complete Game Roster Update

The project was to overhaul the out of date rosters for Rugby '06, which is now complete. The full update is available by email for the moment, and includes the following listed below:

- Fully 100% updated Guinness Premiership club rosters for 2007-08 season, excluding Leeds for Saints.
- Fully updated French club rosters for 2007-08 season.
- Updated Irish club rosters for 2007-08 season (needs a little more adjustment)
- Updated Welsh club rosters for 2007-08 season (needs a little more adjustment)
- Fully updated Italian club rosters for 2007-08 season.
- Fully updated Scottish club roster (Glasgow) for 2007-08 season.
- Fully updated Rugby World Cup 2007 national team rosters, with 80% of injury replacements included.
- Partially updated Super 14's club rosters.

The Super 14 sides are not clear until Super 14 starts.

Teams that still need some minor updating:

Edinburgh.. no idea what the heck is going on there
Treviso.. Couple of weeks
Calvisano.. Couple of weeks
Bourgoin.. Couple of weeks

DOWNLOAD for 06 roster (not mup)

Please leave a post here with your email address, or PM me and i will email the roster files.
Will send it out tomorrow.

I also have a new samoa home kit. It looks good in my opinion. I'll send that as well.
could you send it over to
[email protected]

Also is there a mod to make it harder? I'm a total addict and I find 2006 and 2008 frustratingly easy. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Any help appreciated

Found it

Hi guys..

Literally as we speak, i am just finishing some parts of the NH roster.

Super 14 squads will take longer, i don't really play S14 that much, but can update them at some stage.

I will upload the file here very soon.. either tonight or tomorrow. Depends when i have some time.

Also, i am working on the last few Guinness Premiership and European kits, which many are already downloadable from my '08 thread.

I will start a new thread with my 2007-08 complete NH roster (have to fix the italian teams) and all the kits probably within the next 2 weeks.

Please appreciate that this editing takes time and to be honest it gets very tedious at times so i take breaks to stop myself getting supremely bored.

I promise that i will endeavour to get these files ready for download very soon.
I dont have it anymore since my PC crashed and i lost nearly everything i didn't back up, like the 06 roster. I have asked around a few people i know i emailed it to, to see if they still have it.

I had a quick search on the forum for my files, but i think i must have only started doing kits for 08, and those are the only ones i posted links to.

It may be on my website, but not available for download. I will see what i can do.


Ok i found it, it was updated to around october last year it might be of help. I did update pretty much everything, but so of the players may have moved/changed now. I will email it to you now.
OK, if anyone wants the EA Rugby 2006 RWC roster (and all updated clubs) you can find it in my sig, it is on the same site as the Rugby 08 MUP.

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