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Rugby 08 Mods on PS2


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Feb 3, 2019
Hi everyone,
I am trying to edit some stats for the players on some teams for the PS2.
I have gotten pretty far today on how the PS2 works in terms of the roster but I am having trouble trying to actually get it to work.

Here's what I found.

You can extract a 215kb file, if you happen to rename the end of the file to a .ros format you will be able to edit the file in woosahs edotor exactly the same way as PC. I tried to import the file back into the .PSU and save it to the virtual memory card on the PS3 I even used a save modder and converted it the right way.

You can also edit the txt file and the RFD file in the DATA.GOB.

Here are the problems.

Whenever I load the PSU back into the virtual memory card Rugby 08 recognises this but will not load the roster it will say the save is corrupted.

When I edited the txt file and rfd in the DATA.GOB the ISO will load but will freeze upon the startup screen.

I have edited existing players I have also tried to edit created players.

Is the problem that when I edit a player that rating is over 100 will that cause the game to crash or the save file to be corrupted?
I have yet to just change a players boots, name or make him a star player and import it back into the virtual memory card. If anyone could let me know in advance if I am wasting my time or if I'm actually onto something that could lead to modding the PS2 version of Rugby 08.

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