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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Aeros, Oct 24, 2007.

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    As much as I've searched through this forum or the web, I can't find any particular information on Rugby 08's set plays.

    Can anyone provide some information as to what the different set plays do? The diagrams ingame are mostly not very descriptive and often inaccurate. Testing them in the field is also not reliable because the factors differ.
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  3. Well a good start would be to read through the game manual.It explains the set plays well enough for anyone to understand.I have tested and played with them all and some of them are better than others.You just have to experiment with them.

    How to activate a set play is easy.You simply call a predefined play with your arrow keys and let it roll.When you say the factors differ - what do you mean? My advise is to run through them all on the practice session and then picking 2 or 3 that you can use in the game.You will need to know the diagrams and again the manual can explain the idea pretty well.Good luck. :bravo:
  4. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    Ahh, thanks for the info :)

    But when can you actually activate a set play? So far I've only been successful in activating them during a rolling maul. Surely you should be able to start them from a ruck as well?

  5. Ok- Example: Take the ball from the line out and press S to bind then you will note the flickering arrow above the scrumhalfs head.Press the appropriate arrow key to call a set play.Your arrow will turn green if the play is ready to roll and then you simply pop the ball to your fly half.You will then note a few letters apearing on the screen all representing different variations of the set play.Press the letter of the set play you want example Q OR W OR E.Do take note that if you take to long to pass the ball it will be turned over via scrum to the other side.So if your arrow does not go green in time your set play is not ready and you should just pass the ball without running a play.The weaker sides tend to mess up with set plays - dropping the ball,or they just can't do it well.Plays can be called in this manner at scrum or rucktime.TIP.Define your two best plays on LEFT AND RIGHT cursor keys and use them.In other words play around with the set plays and define your best in the practice session so that when you play a match you know what you are getting.

    Hope it helps.

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