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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by umosay, May 22, 2004.

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    please do toup ... if you get a chance!

    I know my French is very basic - but I can manage to pick out some of the main bits of info from key words... a good find indeed

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  3. toup

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    Ok, had time to summarize briefly so will do that and then u guys can ask questions. Basically it's just talking about the competitions in there so here goes:

    'World championship' - basically sounds like world cup- choose 1 of 20 teams, pick your squad and then go for it- pool stage then knockout.

    'Tri nations' - pretty obvious, home and away matches and mentions the Bledisloe cup as well but assuming that's just a name check.

    '6 Nations' - Again, pretty obvious - go for the grand slam!

    'Top Ten' - another little tournament with 6 Nations, Tri Nations and Argentina - could be good fun

    'Super 12' - prob don't need to explain that, Mentions all the teams and says simple championship followed by play-off

    'European Cup' - Heineken Cup basically- 24 teams from Eng, Ire, Scot, Wal, Fra, Ita in 6 groups then knockout

    'World League' - Basically like master league from Pro Evo - start in crap league with club of your choice from all those featured and with crap players (assume random ones rather than the real squad with reduced stats) and then accumulate points to buy new players. [edit] there's also a league cup to obtain more points.

    'Lions Tour' - Pick a squad, choose destination (Aus, NZ or SA) and choose your itinerary - with or without games against the nation's clubs - culminating in 3 tests against host nation.

    Sorry it was a bit brief but think I got most of info in. Sorry there's not a lot new but only going on the info there!
  4. Toup,

    A noter la possibilité de jouer le programme officiel des championnats du monde 1999 et 2003 (poules et tableaux de rencontres uniquement, les effectifs restant ceux de 2005).

    Does this mean we can play the 1999 & 2003 World Cup tournaments (the way they organized the pools) but we can only play with the 2005 player roster?
  5. toup

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    Yeah, good guess!
  6. Wally

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    I like the fact the Bledisloe cup was mentioned in the Tri Nations. Even if there's only a short video clip for it, that would be cool.
  7. jimmy44

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  8. raziel_eire

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    heres a little bit from NZ the launch party - nothin' we don't know already, tho I have to ask why don't they bother giving more info???


    EA Show Off Rugby 2005
    9:59PM - 16 Feb 05 - Reported by: Raja Henley

    This evening kicking off at 5 PM in Eden Park Auckland, was Electronic Arts media evening for Rugby 2005 for PS2 and Xbox. managed to play this game for a good length of time this evening and we've got to say - Rugby 2005 is a massive improvement over the 2004 edition. This game will be releasing in New Zealand towards the second week of March, and should be checked out straight away! The game is development with alot more $$$ behind which you'll notice straight away, and has been built around the FIFA engine.
  9. jimmy44

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    sounds great - hopefully we should be getting some feedback from people on this forum who went to the event. Fingers crossed!
  10. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Did anyone go to this and if so what did they think of the game??
  11. has anyone who has played it used rupeni yet?..i wus wondering how good is he? and what about rokocoko?
  12. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    One thing I liked about rugby 2004 was the line outs. I liked the way you could either spin it out to the backs from the lineout, or catch the ball, hold onto it, and start a driving maul.

    Does anyone if you can enmploy BOTH of these tactics in rugby 2005? In the videos they always throw it to the backline.

  13. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    I've seen a maul start from one, I guess it will be like WCR where you press another button to hold on to it.
  14. toup

    toup Guest

    I've definately seen both rucks and mauls from lineouts, as to how u can do it you would have to ask someone who's played it, but I have definately SEEN both.
  15. jimmy44

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    thnx [​IMG]
  16. Black|Raven

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    from the vids wingers dont seem that fast until the replay [​IMG] [​IMG]
    i seriously hope there is a significant difference for gun wingers like rokocoko, caucau, bobo, howlett etc......... [​IMG] seriously [​IMG]
  17. C A Iversen

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  18. umosay

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    There is a new thread started about that article, [​IMG]
  19. Gandalf

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  20. 187

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    just adjust their stats, i kno i am for alot of players... i kno will end up making sum of my favourite players alot better than wut they already are...
  21. Good find, Gandalf. Pretty cool vid, hopefully won't confuse too many newbies to the sport. Might even be helpful for them.
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