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RUGBY 2006 - Brilliant!!



for those of you who care, i think the game is ace.
got it friday, was up till 3am playing it, the improvement from rugby05 is massive!
like locks has been saying the pace of the game feels just right.
the AI are very good i think, i started playin it on pro, now elite. you can seem to be dominating a match, then suddenly the AI will get the ball and whip a few phases together and score!
also, it seems you can be a weaker team (i.e im a sarries fan so often play with them) and play against much stronger teams and be able to compete against them. had a few good games with them against biarritz. find it funny how good Farrell is on it considering he hasnt played yet! he starts at 12, but is actually listed as a flanker or 8. he;s very strong and offloads well, him in the centre with Castingnede works a dream!
being able to run onto the ball is also very good and improves the gameplay immensely.
anyone got any questions ill do my nest to answer.

all in all, a very enjoyable game! and i havent even mastered all the controls yet! (i play it on the PC using a PS2 controller so have to do a bit of trial and error work first!)


cant wait for more rugby games and rugby challenge2006 and this seems like 2 very different games that account to there target..arcade and sim


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