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Rugby 2008 Review



Well i'm a New Zealander and love rugby so I had to get my hands on this game as soon as possible, and rugby 2008 doesn't disapoint.

I fired it up and when into the menu and changed offloads from arcade to simulation hoping it would fix the impossible offloads that 2006 has and I changed lineouts from basic to advanced.

I went and started a play now and played All Blacks(me) vs France as they are the top teams wind medium and difficulty elite.

The first thing I noticed in this game was lagg, the reason could be the very far away camera but I didn''t seem to notice it after the first 10mins wether it had gone or... :blink:

I was using the side camera angle which zoomed around at incredible speed and really helped with kicking and planning attacks aswell as being able to see what was going on at set pieces and rucks.

Kicking was pretty good from what I played with Carter being able to dominate the game for me, a helpful thing with kicking are the little markers which appear where the ball is going to bounce I began to rely on this to see if the ball was going out probably made kicking too easy... Goal kicking was nice with Carter but I couldn't kick 60m to 10km/hr wind behind me :(

Setpieces have been tweaked in rugby 2008 and you can tell as lineouts are fun pulling back the analog stick pulls the hookers hands back then pushing it foward to throw really is ingenious I was able to throw to all people in the lineout easily at the end of the game, it's also a good platform for a drive on the other teams 5m line :) . Scrums seem easier to win and I was just getting them to screw when the game ended, it seems you can't push the other team back at a 100km/hr like 2006 but you can still push them back a bit as I got a drive over try.

Rucks, well I didn't get any turnovers but France got a couple when I got isolated as you would expect but it didn't seem as bad as 2006 which is nice, I might post more about them after i've played more.

Ai, well in the game I played I pushed the ball wide almost every move at the start and France seemed to adapt and I ran into a brick wall numerous times and they got a few turnover because of this. The AI on attack seems better as they had fowards shoulder charging through Carter as much as they could and they made more breaks than they would on 2006, the best thing I saw was that the Ai had support most of the time and I was scrambed to defend.

Animations aren't really different from 2006 but the lineouts and scrums look more smooth and there are new tackles for close to the line where the smash you back. the lack of new animations is probably my biggest disapointment with this game because besides when in the 5m of the opponent the tackles are the same and try animations... yuck!

I won the game 30-20 the Ai came back at the end and scored two tries in the last 5mins with was nice, I scored tries in a variety of ways which was also nice.

Overall EA Rugby 2008 is a good game, improved from 2006 are the camera angles, scrums, lineouts, turnovers, defense within the oppositions 5m and generally it is just a better rugby game although not without flaws. The flaws in the game that I saw were Old animations, lineouts way too easy like 2006 it was my first game and I won 5 out of their 8 lineouts :angry: , Ai tends not to number up too well alot allowing 2 on 1 overlaps and with good wingers is very easy to exploit and a bit of lag that I saw whether it was my ps2 or the game I don't know..

My rating: 8 / 10
I got this copy sent to me, it's the american version but my ps2 is chipped. I can't wait for the pc version as the graphics on pc go far beyond the ps2.
What a lucky guy I can't wait for it to come out the days are goin so slow I hope they don't delay it again. Good review too hope it is challenging cause 06 was way too easy and do you know what its like to play 2 player cause I always play against my brother and we always have tight games.

Also I was just wondering are you able to watch a game like just let the cpu go at it or does it have to be player vs cpu.
jawmalawm24, Lineouts are WAY TOO EASY I got 9/12 of the computers throw on elite :( and generally the game I feel is as easy as rugby 2006 if not easier :( The Ai attacks quite well and id say is better than 2006 but the defense has some holes out wide and once they had no players on the blind side so I walked over with a 2 on 0 overlap lol... maybe once a player editor is out we could pump everyones defense up by 10 or 20.

Haven't tried 2 player yet probably will by tomorrow and will be able to tell you what it is like.

I don't think you can go cpu vs cpu but I haven't tried so i'll check and post back what I find out.
what did simulation offloads do?[/b]

BoKean, simulated offloads makes offload spamming very hard as offloads can't be thrown far and aren't very accurate, pretty much you need someone very close to you or you will throw the the ball to no-one and give the opposition a good chance of collecting it. There seems to be some glitches with it also as sometimes I've thrown an offload thats went flying forward and picked it up with another player and it was counted as losing it forward.

Hope this answers your question.
Thanks for the quick reply Bawked can you please tell me what specs I need for it to run on PC cause I'm not sure what I'm gonna get it on Ps2 or PC I wanna get it on Ps2 but I've read alot of post and from what I've seen it sounds better on PC.
Well at a guess and seeing as it uses basically the same engine as 06 and has been tweaked only a little I'd say the specs you'd need to play it comfortably would be:

2GHz cpu
512mb RAM
2 gigs of hard disk space
3D video card with 128mb of memory (I have a Radeon 9800XT 128mb and it runs 06 no sweat)

it'll still run on lower specs than that, but you'll need the above if you want to run it without any slowdown at about 1024x768 resolution with all settings on high.
Also the fellow above reckons there is a bit of slowdown at times when the camera is zoomed out on the PS2, I don't imagine this would be a problem if you've got a decent comp. Add to that all the roster and kit updates available for PC and I think you've got a winner.
You overestimate this game, Ozzy.

It needs a CPU of 1.3GHz
256MB RaM
GeForce 2 or ATI Radeon 7500 or greater
and Windows XP with a fairly decent processer.
The fact that "Bawked" was able to win his first game of R2008 on Elite level suggests this game is still waaaaay too easy. I know he played with NZ but France are no slouches.

I may still get it when it's out in the UK but seems that you'd have to dumb down the stats for your chosen team to get a challenge out of it. It's remarkable that EA didn't sort this out, but I guess that it was too much effort for them to improve the AI to a level which makes the game actually hard to play on the Elite level.
The fact that "Bawked" was able to win his first game of R2008 on Elite level suggests this game is still waaaaay too easy. I know he played with NZ but France are no slouches. [/b]

Well I am an awesome player at 2006 but 2008 just seemed easier, with wingers like sivi and roco it was easy to exploit the gaps out wide that were left allot :( I also started super 14 with the Chiefs and played the Brumbies first game beat them 36 - 14 and they had numerous star players and their rating was higher, so I am upset with how easy it is and will probably beat the world cup with a bad team for a challenge. I feel that after a bit more playing 2008 I will be winning by 50 points..
How long are the games you are playing Bawked? How many minutes halves to rack up a score like that on 08?
Wow this game really sounds Gay. I think i will resort to piracy and download it for free.
Thanks guys for the reply I think my cpu might be able to handle it but here are my specs

Processor: Intel® Celeron® Cpu 2.53Ghz

Memory: 246MB RAM

Video Card: 64MB

I hope it'll at least pass the minimum specs cause I really want to play this on cpu and thanks again for all the help happy gaming

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