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Rugby Challenge 3 All Licenses!


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Aug 12, 2015
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As we all know rugby challenge 3 is coming out in a few months and as we all expected there's some unlicensed teams...

Tru blu and wicked witch don't have official licenses for the top 14,pro d2, rabo direct, international XV's and the international 7's (excluding New Zealand,South Africa,Austrailia and England's VX and 7's) everything other than that is more or less covered

we as a rugby gaming community haven't had a tidy rugby game since rugby 08. We deserve better.

so I (and everyone else that wants to join in) need to get rid of a few licences restrictions to make this game the perfect rugby game after all.

We don't need to worry about rosters as people in the fan hub do a brilliant job. i have most of the logos done so that only leaves the jerseys..

If everyone creates and leaves their own jersey design in this thread so the community can download their favorite ones to add to their game. (The jersey file is the same from rc2)

rugby challenge 3 looks to be a great rugby game but with every team licenced from this thread, it looks to be the best rugby game to date.
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