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Rugby Challenge 3 PS3 Issues and Resolution

Lomu Power

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Dec 4, 2016
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New Zealand
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Hey Guys,

I finally picked up RC3 on PS3 last weekend and have had a mixed reaction so far. One problem I have noticed is that the when playing a match whether it be a casual match or career mode, the bench players either change from my chosen squad and are out of order. For example Steven Luatua is listed as number 20 on 'my squad' but ends up being number 16 when I actually play the match. Is there any solution to fix this issue?
Another major problem that I have encountered is that when playing in career mode as a NZ team, all the S.A and Aus teams eventhough licensed have all randomised/unlicensed players within the team. I have found this to be quite absurd and disappointing so was wondering if anyone knows how to somehow resolve the above issues.

I have the same issue, but have no idea how to fix it though. It is a big disappointment.

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