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Rugby Championship 2017 predictions


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Apr 4, 2017
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Round 1
Australia vs new Zealand 14-33
South Africa vs Argentina 23-11
Round 2
New Zealand vs Australia 27-8
Argentina vs south Africa 21-24
Round 3
New Zealand vs Argentina 45-16
Australia vs south Africa 18-15
Round 4
New Zealand vs South Africa 23-20
Australia vs Argentina 25-6
Round 5
New Zealand Argentina 32-14
South Africa vs Australia 28-13

Round 6
New Zealand vs south Africa 24-34
Australia vs Argentina 20-32

Final standings
1New Zealand
2 south Africa
3 Australia
4 Argentina

What's your guys predictions :)
I agree with your final table predications and pretty much your result predictions. The only change is that I think even though NZ were sub par against the BILs they should have enough to BP win every fixture except SA away.

Australia were proper bad in June and could have lost to any Tier1 side playing like that. Whiled Kerevi will help he is only one man. Argentina's woes are well known and their home games against Oz and SA are probably their only realistic chances of wins.

If SA play reasonable like they did in June then they'll have enough for 2nd. I think they'll end up above Oz in the rankings too. The weakness of Oz and Argentina helps SA as the ***le will probably be decided by head to head results between them and NZ.
Round 1
Australia vs New Zealand 18-37
South Africa vs Argentina 24-19
Round 2
New Zealand vs Australia 36-11
Argentina vs South Africa 22-15
Round 3
New Zealand vs Argentina 54-16
Australia vs South Africa 28-20
Round 4
New Zealand vs South Africa 36-25
Australia vs Argentina 29-13
Round 5
New Zealand Argentina 51-9
South Africa vs Australia 19-12
Round 6
New Zealand vs South Africa 37-21
Australia vs Argentina 27-14
NZ 6-0
SA 4-2
AUS 2-4
ARG 0-6

While i think is gonna be close between SA and NZ i dont see SA winning i think NZ has an edge. Aus only wins are against ARG. ARG lose everything but almost win some of them.
I agree with FNS. Although it wouldn't shock me if ARG manages to snatch a win at home versus AUS.
NZ to sweep, SA only to lose to NZ. Aus and Arg to have a good scrap for bottom.

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