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Rugby coming to Germany, Austria and Switzerland


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Mar 30, 2015
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It's official now. DAZN, Perform's "Netflix of Sports" is starting today in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (no idea about their plans for Japan) and, in addition to tons of soccer, the NFL, the NBA and much more, they're also showing rugby. It was known for some time that they'd show the NRL, but now it's been confirmed that they'll also show the Premiership:

Perform also has the Six Nations rights, so I'd expect to see them there, too.

As far as I know, they have yet to announce how much they'll show, but that's huge news in any case as, mainly due to an awful lot of soccer, there's quite some interest in it already. Maybe they'll also cover it on spox.com with some news articles?
Got myself an Android box quite a while ago, but this still is good news.
Took some kind of clicking, to find out how and where to receive, though...
So they don't have the rights for the Rugby Championship after all :rolleyes:, but they have listed 4 (!) Premiership matches on spox.com and some for the next round already on DAZN itself.

They sent some users a list of rights they have and how much they'll show of them, including several other rugby rights, but since you can't trust what they tell you by mail to be certainly the case, I'd wait to see if they actually will show all of it.
So they've now confirmed that they'll show at least two Premiership matches per round live (with German commentary) and the Pro12 as well. Totalrugby.de has a (probably incomplete, it seems they also have the rights for the Champions and Challenge Cup) overview of upcoming rugby matches that will be shown in Germany:
DAZN will show the 7s World Series in Germany/Austria/Switzerland as well as Japan. As far as the first three countries are concerned, they seem to be quite happy with the interest in rugby.

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