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Rugby In Sa



I`m so sorry to start a new topic , but its just crazy how sa are the only country that doesn`t have the friken game yet!!!!
Does anyone know when it is being released~!!!!
I got mine on the 1st at Top CD - Menlyn. Brian Habana was there to sign copies of the game. Massive "Bug Fix" improvement on 2005.
Originally posted by Wildwil@Mar 4 2006, 12:56 AM
I called topcd im Menlyn and they said they don't have it in yet.
Maybe the only sold it on the 1st for that specific day - to adjust to Habana's high and mighty public appearance schedule :D

AAAG! FFS! Sorry ppl - it was Look & Listen.
cheez i had the worst luck ever.

last week wednesday i ordered rugby 06 from topcd and they posted it to me in durban through fast post.
well if they call that fast post then i dont want to know how long normal posting takes cuase i only received the game today (1week later).

the worst thing was that i saw the game in Musica on sunday and couldnt buy it cause i already paid for the other one.

but ive got it now, just waiting to finish work so i can play it at last.

Well spare a thought for those living in SA..........Port ELizabeth...

The blokes are clueless down here...."Ummmmm not sure when we getting it...actually, I've never heard of it"

hey dnaplay

call topcd in pretoria and they will post it to you for R50 more.
just make sure you get the tracking number so you can hound the post office for it.

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