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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by sanzar, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Ok. We've all seen the screenshots and read all the promising info released, but there are obviously going to be issues... what things do you want done, no matter how small, to improve on what has been shown so far?

    Personally I want them to fix the "gorilla" stance that all the players seem to have from RL1... I personally think each player (or at least half) on the feild should have a different style of standing when they aren't moving.

    Also, I know it may seem trivial, but I'd like for there to be a short paragraph on each team when you go through the team selection. Sort of like in the original EA rugby (01) how they gave you a quick historical rundown of each team and what makes them good/bad etc... A team rating would be good this time around also.

    Other than that I'd like to see support play work better in the sequel. For example: if you have a player with the ball, I'd like to see the passing options highlighted above the players head that will receive the ball. So I could have a passing option left or right and then cut out passes also shown each way, then, say if I had the 5 eighth I could push L2 and X and the play to my left would run back in on the angle where I passed the ball to him hoping to wrong foot the defence, or I could hold L2, L1 and square and have the player on my immediate left do a dummy run into a gap while I pass the ball to a player just outside him when the dummy runner should have received the ball...

    What do you boys think?
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  3. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    An option to choose your attacking platform. Either choose (before the game) what style of play you wish to have. Ie if it is raining have props and locks either side of the ruck, and the halfback and 5/8th only on the last or 4th tackle. Or, maybe if in fine conditions, always have the halfs either left or right of the ruck, and forwards running inside / outside them ready for the pass (ie not standing flat footed).

    Also better chasing of bombs and grubbers for wingers.
  4. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    This has to be one of the major area's that needs to be improved... Kicking cross feild bombs, chips and grubbers are responsible for countless tries in the NRL, yet in RL1 they were virtually impossible to score off!

    take not mario! This game needs to have a highly functioning attacking kick system for it to properly represent Rugby League!!!
  5. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    and ffs mario talk to us!
  6. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    - Use Rugby 2004's passing Controls - common even the most die hard Rugby 04 Haters must admit the R1/L1 For Backs and L2/R2 for fowards was a preety good move

    - Expansion Mode on Franchise Mode - there gonna chuck in a 16th team into the NRL anyway in a couple of years so I dont see why not

    - Different Cut-Scenes ranging in serverity for injured players - from Players walking off unassisted with trainers on either side to them getting carted off in those golf cart thingies

    - Have an Other Foot Attribute - some players can kick with reasonably well with either

    - 8 Point Tries - Im not even sure if they even have this rule anymore or who uses it - I remember seeing one in a Reserve Grade Grand Final or something similar about 5 years ago - it may have been in 1999 but that is the only time ive ever seen one
  7. - a madden rewards type system that gives players more than just concept photos and game videos. Some unlockables could be old stadiums, classic teams, all stars, best of origin etc.

    - more options in game setup. pitch type (hard, soggy...), crowd density (sell out, empty), weather, wind speed/direction, temperature (impact on player fatigue), chance of injury and/or fatigue

    - training system where skills are built on.

    - the forwards/backs passing system from 2004

    - team ratings. in the first game the ratings of each club was not really highlighted and so picking a good/bad team was difficult as you didnt know how the game rated them. A rugby 2005 approach with attack, defense etc. ratings would be good.

    - a pass to five eight/half back option.

    - remove the X button bashing sprint option and make the sprint animations more fluid.

    - extensive player creation system as seen in ea sports titles. also, a jersey editor with different designs and colour combinations as well as different sponsership options.

    hope these suggestions were constructive. this game is gonna be great anyway.
  8. oh and a few more.... (sorry)

    - in season mode, crowd size should vary depending on how well the team is doing/how high profile the players are

    - full "life" mode. player builds team from the ground up - naming the team, designing the jerseys and securing sponsorships. coach has a salary cap and chooses players. the salary cap is raised if team performs well and off-field incidents can affect the salary cap. breaching of the salary cap (a la the bulldogs) results in docking of points. Sponsers show interest in your team if they are performing well or have a large fan base.

    - build a stadium. how cool would this mode be? choose the seating size, turf type, shape, lighting positions etc. (a fantasy yes, but still could be cool)
  9. Mario

    Mario Guest

    Er, okay.

  10. jared27

    jared27 Guest

    hey mario, howcome the approach to this game regarding communication on various forums is different to pre-RL1??

    I remember when you would answer almost every question that was asked (except for the questions that wernt aloud to be answered, which was understandable).
  11. doovepop

    doovepop Guest

    Mario is busy asnwering questions at the official rugby league 2.
  12. jared27

    jared27 Guest

    I check regularly. Only a few Questions are being answered and he isnt commenting in threads like he used to.

    Take this thread for example: ATTENTION MARIO: This is all the stuff us on the forums beleive must be in the game

    I can understand if he is too busy to answer.

    Also all of his posts seem to be really formal.

    Before RL1 he was posting alot and it was good to get quick replys and for us to give good ideas.
  13. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Well I'm surprised you guys who are questioning Mario, who are apparently so astute, are asking questions the answers to which already exist.

    - icons appearing over players heads - already confirmed.

    - third umpire - confirmed.

    - there IS an option to pass to the kicker exclusively.... [​IMG]

    Why not address important gameplay issues instead that affect longevity?

    * make penalised tackles for aggressiveness less-frequent - sliders at least.....endless sin bins and send-offs is ridiculous...especially once you are v good at the game and your timing is sound and it still happens...stupid.

    * no sprinting from miles back to defend and getting guys as they catch the ball - too easy.

    * Fullback more involved in play.

    * More tackle animations

    * Not so easy (not at all) to attack from scrums.....scrum moves?

    * Step must be able to be precisely performed off left AND right foot on command.....same with fend LEFT OR RIGHT....not just random. That is not good enough.

    * Pop ball harder to perform (but CAN be done in all situations).....but easier as moentum/go forward builds - need for momentum gauge too thanks.

    * Keep improving ball physics and awkward ball behaviour (like, HAVE it - don't remove it!!)

    Cheers Mario,

    Let us know when all of these have been implemented and we will buy the game in our droves.
  14. Mario

    Mario Guest

    Sidhe Interactive is currently working on 3 different games at the moment, so I don't have time to go through every post on every forum.

    This is, in part, why we created official forums for the game at - so all questions could be answered in one place.

    With regard to what I will and won't comment on, firstly a lot of people are posting threads with very abstract ideas which generally amount to "please make the game better". Again, if I was to comment on every thread, I would be on the forums all day and unfortunately I have many more responsibilities within the company.

    Secondly, we are still several months away from release, so the information I am allowed to distribute is limited. However, like the last game more details will be revealed closer to release.

    In summary, we are answering and responding to as many comments and emails as before, but it may not seem like that because we are early in release and there are many more people asking questions this time so more stuff gets unanswered.
  15. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    3 Different Games? How much info has been revealed for the other 2?
  16. Mario

    Mario Guest

    None, other than one is for console and the other is for PSP.
  17. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    Mario - u state u are soaking in the ideas etc, and ar edoing best to impliment these ideas in the final product

    pls, pls pls - it is imperative at dummy half we have the option to pass to a forward (hit-ups), or pass to a back (backline move)

    it has been put forward from Ripper about the Rugby 2005 passing options from the ruck

    even tho u state we have pass to playmaker............this does NOT confirm we have the option to pass to a prop or second row, for easy meat eating yards

    we do not want players randomly getting into the 1st receiver, where sometime its a back, sometime its a forward

    we want it black and white - back or forward

    this system makes or breaks a union/league game

    we need second man receivers, decoys and phase footy............but 1st and formost we need a forwards game, supported by attacking backs
  18. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    ak47 reads somewhere "bashing buttons will remain"

    ak47 grabs $100

    heads to the TAB

    sorry but if the button bashing is back, I am NOT PAYING for this game! [​IMG]

    pls tell me this isnt true
  19. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    wht button bashing? If you mean for pacing was great. Determined trysaving tackles was hardly gruelling... [​IMG] ...really.

    and how the hell did Mario say "abstract" ideas when my post..DIRECTLY above his post was a list of cold-hard easy changes that would have made the game a winner from a true gamer!!?

    Unbelievable.... [​IMG]

    They need ideas men - they are in this here forum not the RL2 official site only.


    If he had just read that ONE post, right there under his eyes we would have been fine...


    also flat footed attack or defence bro!!
  20. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    the fact that Webcke can run down Lockyer

    someone quicker at the bashing with Webcke and runs down locky

    not realistic at all

    also means the gate is open for mega fast forwards on the hardest difficulty


    no doubt with the ONLINE mode - THE CHEATS will be online with AUTO-TURBO contollers

    SIDHE - go look at the TW2005 online forums - u'll learn a hard lesson about button bashing and online cheats............obviously absolutely no research was done in this area.
  21. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Oh Okay I got you - f*** I hate cheats.....


    Of course I am deadly at repeptitive pushing with freakish twitch fibres for whitey!! So no one ran down my ass....

    against computer it was v hard to get caught or to catch on the level I played (one under league God) I have never experienced what you are talking about....

    apart from the turbo cheat on-line, just against computer and in 1 on 1s....howcome you got caught by forwards lol!!! You don't even have to push it that fast if you don't want to.....??

    Apart from online concern (which could be dealt with by having symbol appear for use of turbo function controllers - thus banning them?)....I don't see ANY problem with this technique and actually enjoy a way - it is MORE of a simulation - running takes effort you know and gets harder as a game goes on......and it is not button mashing!! It's not track and field or something finger breaking!!

    also - your example is impossible lol!! think about it......
    both play for Brisbane, Queensland and Australia......they'd be more likely to be chasing each other around a pub drunk than in a game yeah?
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