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I couldn't find a thread simular to this topic, so i decided to start one.

I love talking about my past rugby matches and i'm sure there are people on this forum who like to as well.

I'll break the ice and start with one of mine form my short lived high school rugby...

One of my most memorable rugby matches was played this year when my school (about 300 people) team faced a school that is roughly 4 times bigger (about 1200 people) than my school. With my school being as small as it is we only had 15 players for that match, then a few days before the match our ONLY fullback got injured. With my Afrikaans coach being as stubborn as he is
, he still insisted that we play this match. So we travelled to this school and ran onto the field with 14 players. We won the toss and elected to kick-off, on the first play of the match they ran in a try with not even 1 minute on the clock. While we waited for kicker to convert the try our captain gave the team an uplifting speech, with our self confidence restored we kicked off to them again and played the game of the year. We managed to get a try with a 30 meter rolling maul then spread the ball wide in the backline (no conversion) before half time and kicked over a penalty during the second half, so the score was 8-7. With it being a typical summer day in Zululand (about 35 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity), no bench players and a very hard, physically match, we were all finished. With a few minutes remaining and them 10 meters from the try line, I conceded a penalty with a bone crunching tackle a bit on the dirting side
. But lucky for me our defence was unbreakable that day and we beat that school for the first time ever with 14 players. Final score: 8-7

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed typing it
. I hope this thread gets going cause it is really nice to revisit those moments, so please share your stories.

P.S. This is not only limited to Union.
One of my best ones is from last year when I was playing hooker for our Junior Seconds against Newbridge. I'd been having this personal duel with their hooker since the first scrum when he tried to steal my ball so I kneed him in the head and we started fighting and continued at pretty much every scrum, as a team we were up against much bigger players, especially in the pack so we were kind of struggling, it was really hot aswell and we had no water, with about 20 minutes to go I got concussed (but I didn't realise until afterwards). So in the last minute of the match we're 10-5 down and they have a scrum in their own 22, the ball comes in and I steal it, before it gets to the back the front rows have come up and we're fighting, our out-half throws a brilliant dummy that takes in 3 defenders and off the next phase our winger goes over right in the corner. Even though we didn't win I was pretty satisfied as I came off the pitch because no-one expected us to win and I played a significant part in our last try. I'll stick up some more if I can think of them.
One of my best games this season ,before having to end it early due to injury, also happened to coincide with the coldest I think I've ever been on a rugby pitch.

Old Northamptonians U17s (my team) vs Towcester U17s (the big game

It was December, freezing cold and wet, away to a team who were expecting to beat us comfortably. Not the most inviting prospect ever. Add to this the fact that their pitch is like a bog, and feels like it contains small stones, and you'll forgive me for not initially being too keen.

I found myself playing 13, lining up opposite a lanky ******* with a bit of a reputation preceding him. Luckily it was one of those days where everything goes right.

First time I got the ball, ran at the gap on his outside shoulder, gave him a big hand off and burst through, only just stopped while trying to swerve inside the fullback. The first time he got the ball, I managed to drag him down straight away, and we turned the ball over. Then the next pass that came his way I timed perfectly to intercept and take us onto the attacking foot.

We scored a couple of good tries in awful conditions, and then midway through the second half I ghosted through a gap, gave a couple of dummys, and just managed to outsprint the cover to slide over the line.

We won in the end, outscoring them 4 tries to 1, and due to the fact that no one could move their hands it was the most welcome shower ever at the end.
most epic match ever?

u15s a few years back for greystones against landsdowne. due to a pitch booking error we had to play in the main stadium and guess what? twas the last match ever played there, not to many people know that one lol. we lost by the way but it wasnt really that important
Bit similar to your story. We turned up to game with only fourteen players so by the rules of the tournament we were disqualified from the start. We just played in for pride.
They ran in three tries without answer, eventually we just thought "What the hell are we doing here? We're better than this!"
We brought it back to within one score and on the final restart I fielded the kick, beat pretty much their entire pack for pace (Because I'm fast as ****) ran straight through their inside centre and knocked him down, kept going until their fullback ever so slightly illegaly tackled me round the neck but wasn't caught in the act for some reason. Next thing I knew one of our second rows was on my shoulder, I offloaded and he was clear through to the line. Fullback converted the try, match won. Sadly it was in vain because we were a player short and disqualified. Still proud of that game!
2007 under 15's. It was a hard game and 12-0 at half time. The main reason why this was such a tough game because we had an away ref from the other school, so in the 2nd half the other team had a 16th man. We were stuck in our 22 the whole 2nd half, the ref would blow his whistle for nothing. Whenever we had possesion and made a break, the ref called it back up for nothing. Everyone was ****** off and I think it just psyched us up more and we didn't concede a try and won the game.

This season was a joke with away refs. Of the 9 games we played we had like 7 away refs, and no joke 2-3 of them were extremely bias towards his team. So bad even after 1 game we lost in the last play that our age group co ordinater had a spat at the ref or headmaster or something and got in trouble I think. It really does **** you off when you've got a ref who's actually going to be bias towards one team, especially in a schoolboy match.
We have a neutral ref who's like that. I think he now goes out of his way to ref our matches and ping us for everything after our hooker punched him on the first day of last season.
odd how these seem to be in the youth bracket of play...

State Championship in 2005, my senior year and playing as captain. We played 2 games so far, winning one easily and barely beating the number 2 ranked team. the final match was against our undefeated archrival, and other consistent championship contender. we played them 3 times in season (somebody sucked at scheduling) and lost by less than a try each match.. the last game against them was the last of the season, and until then the most fun ive had on a pitch. they were bigger, stronger and faster. i mean really, these guys were athletic as hell with experience and my whole team with the exception of 4 were rookies, including playing first-year freshmen and sophomores.

this day was war. each player from each team played with a vengeance. it was hot, the ground was hard, and there were tons of people from each team doing each school's respective chants usually only done during football games. it was at a grid-lock, each team unable to do damage. their ouside center (where i played also), was easily the best player in the state, but unfortunately had a hurt knee so he wasn't up to par. but as they came on attack, their inside center was frantically looking for a pass, i read him like a book and stretched as far as i could and barely picked the pass off before it reached their outside. i ran like my feet were on fire and my ass was about to catch. made short work of the fullback and went across the line. the referee came up to me and told me how much of a joy it was to watch that play. meant a lot. we won 27-24. best damn day of my rugby career...
Ever since my childhood I like the game where big and strong guys fight, tackle, hit each other just to get their own

This is some kind of eternal fire inside me, and after Georgia started to play rugby on some degree and finally got progress this game attracted me even more

I like rugby most of all and I can say easily: if not Medicine I would definitely go in rugby

This is lifestyle and I like tis lifestyle

In country we had some terrible crime picture with youngsters stabbing and gun-shot killing each other, but since RWC2007 where Georgia showed up, these boys became more interested in Rugby and their aggressive behavior dissipated there in scrum :lol:

And rugby coaches give these guys the correct and honest directions to walk in their lives, this is the feature owned uniquely by rugby

Football for girls, try rugby I think this is the amazing

Rugby is everything

I adore this old game
During the first half of this season we had to make up a game we missed a previous couple weeks due to weather but this day turned out to be worse then any of those. As we drive up to the pitch which is over and hour away there are tons of brown patches everywhere so you know its gonna be a slow game luckily we only had 14 players so they gave us one of there second rows to play on the wing for us even though we already had one of our own on the other side and we had to get our 60 year old manager to play scrum half and we only had 4 backs that day, I was at fullback we had a outside center and a fly half. They had two locks who were 6'6" 260+ and an 8 man who was at least 6'4" 245 to say they threw us around was an understatement we had a prop at inside center cuz he could crash and had decent wheels. I had to catch so many balls kicked over to us with about 5 mins left they chipped it over right at our 22 and i ran up picked it off the floor looked up got smashed by there 8 man who was fast as f***, so i roll and pop the ball up to our 8th man and he gets some help and we clear. We did end up winning the game by a try i think it was 20-15 and i got a more then a few pats on the back for helping out the "wingers" and keeping that ball outta our end but not too bad for a group of older players with some rookies thrown in. The team we beat won the division the previous year too, thank god for that rain and the showers that followed that was one cold and dirty day
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I will not be subjective if say I love how Dale understands posts of mine

I think this is due to his similar passionate love towards rugby

Dale you're great

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