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Rugby Union Team Manager 3 has a new season update.


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Oct 15, 2014
Rugby Union Team Manager has now been updated to include a dedicated 2021/22 Season.

This new update includes :

Season 2021/22 clubs
Season 2021/22 fixtures
Season 2021/22 kits
Season 2021/22 players

Once you have updated your game, you will find this new update accessible at the start of both RUTM3 and RUTM3 DLC.

We do hope you will continue to enjoy the game, and many thanks for all your support, it is really appreciated.
Also please do check out, and join the game's Discord server, for chats and tips on Rugby Union Team Manager 3.
Many thanks for all your help and support.
Rugby Union Team Manager is now 50% off in the Steam Winter Sale !
Offer ends January 5th
Please do check out the game, if you haven't already :-https://bit.ly/RUTM3SteamSalesSheet3withData.png

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