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Sale of rugby jerseys


Academy Player
Jun 22, 2021
Hello, currently in internship at the Marc LABARBE Auction House in Toulouse, I was given the mission to inform potential interested for a sale of sports jerseys. A charity sale of various sports jerseys from all sports will take place on 13 July at 10 o'clock remotely via interenchère, as well as in person at the Saint Aubin sales hotel, 3 Boulevard Michelet in Toulouse (registration required). The proceeds of this sale will be donated to the « Un Maillot pour la Vie » association. Among the jerseys, a jersey of the player TRINH-DUC, one of the player BOSC and many other dedicated by international players will be at the sale.
To see the details of the jerseys as well as the photos, you can go to interenchères.com.
For each jersey, the starting price will be between 30 and 50€.
Have a good day.