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  1. when i finnished my world league lineup in season 3 it looked like this:

    1)de villiars
    4)o kelly
    5)johnson ©
    9)weepu (k)

    after only 3 weeks, i had several injuries, johnson, sillivili, howlett and barry. a season on johnson and howlet arnt back yet [​IMG]

    so everyone post your major, or unconvienint injuries here...
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  3. woodie

    woodie Guest

    McCaw has been out for 2 seasons in my WL so far. Must be a problem with the game
  4. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Willemse got injured in the first five in the first match of season two. Now i'm up to the knockout fianal of that season and he's still out.
  5. I'm most of the way through my second season and the only injury I've had so far was to one of my crappy wingers who was out for a couple of weeks. Didn't matter because I went out and got Howlett in his place.
  6. rupeni gets injured like every match, weak!!!
  7. Geoff

    Geoff Guest

    Wilkinson has been injured for 3 games and counting. Also, I had to take Clyde Rathbone out of a game but he was ready for the next one.
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