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  1. This topic is to talk about (HOW INCREDIBLY GREAT IS) our position and all the related subjects. First thing: which would be the best or more suitable position within the backs? :huh: I'd say Centre :rolleyes: 'cause you need a lot of tackle and strenght, besides you're not always attacking, let the fly-half do his own plays <_<
    PS: I ocasionally play as a flanker as well
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  3. g6mcg

    g6mcg Guest

    Not sure if i count here, usually a flanker but I have played lock. (Having said that I have played in every position at one point or another).

    I think fullbak would be best - Catch the high balls, and you get a long time to work up any pace you have before you hit the line. And then those women in the opposing backs get out of the way and you score, or collpase through exhaustion if you're more then 10 metres out but...
  4. Hall

    Hall Guest

    I can't say I'd approve of a lock playing in the same position as me, it was bad enough at sixth form last year when I had a Number 8 playing at 12 while I was at 13. At least he was somewhat mobile, but a lock? No.

    If an opposition team put a lock at centre, well good luck to him keeping up...
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