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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by alshooter, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. alshooter

    alshooter Guest

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but last night I played as Worcester vs Edinburgh and their 2nd row got sent off.

    I don't know how or why this happened, I watched the replay and couldn't find anything but it was strange. Pretty cool tho!! Does this happen alot??
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  3. welshy

    welshy Guest

    I've had two players sent off against me - one was in my first ever game - strangely Worcester v Gloucs (Henry Paul went). Both red cards have been for high tackles.

    Have also seen the computer sinbinned for hands in the ruck.
  4. paddyknight

    paddyknight Guest

    considering how often the filthy computer do high tackles cards seem incredibly all my playing of it ive seen one yellow card, for hands in the ruck....even when i try to get yellows or reds i cant!
  5. Mala

    Mala Guest

    I think the high tackles are a good addition to the game. I've been in games where I'm beating the AI pretty good and out of nowhere, the opposition gets bitter and decides to open up a can of whoop ass with the high tackles. In contrast, here I am getting waylayed and all I want to do is give them the ball back so I can return the favor. And in games I've lost, I've usually spent the last 5 minutes of the match trying to high tackle everyone in sight. Of course, I don't condone high tackles in real life, but this is a video game so what the hell?

    The great thing about it is, sometimes the ref calls a penalty and sometimes he doesn't. I was playing Super 14 and beating the Hurricanes. Jerry Collins went nuts with back to back high tackles. No Penalties! I've got away with them too. And on occassion, it causes a turnover -- that's a bonus.
  6. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    I've seen 2 players of the opposition sent off for hands in the ruck in the first 20 mins of a knockout match, made it easy for me to reach the semi's in my first season. Strange though in the same match I used hands later on and was only penalised, hardly consistant refereeing!!

    Sometimes when I administer a high tackle and the ref calls advantage, if I see the player get up again I let them gain the ground then I save players from being sent off.... :devban: ....doesn't always work though.
  7. disco123

    disco123 Guest

    very slightly off topic , but I notice you can only do a late hit when the oppo has passed the ball , I have tried many times to take out the fly half / 1st 5/8 when he's kicked in his own 22 but nothing happens except a ghostly walk through !!

    Am I right or am I just crap at the big hit ??
  8. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    I've managed to pull off a late high tackle on a flyhalf clearing the ball from his ingoal - sweet! I play on classic view - I mention this because there are certain things that seems to work better on specific views, like scrumhalf pick-and go's on sideview work better than on classic.
  9. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    the ai seem alot more realistic...

    southafrica v france - world cup

    southafrica (me) leeding by 10 and playing for fieldposition with 10 min left on the clock. france start getting desperated trying to turn the ball over. they first get penalised for hands, then they repeat the same offence and get yellow.

    i found it quite realistic
  10. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I had Spencer sent off for handling in the ruck yesterday. Luckily I was 25 points up in the 75th, so not having a Fly Half wasn't much of a problem.
  11. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    no loss, it was only spencer :)
  12. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Yeah, yeah...

    Blues > Crusaders. :)
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