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I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I reckon EA Sports should add a 7-a-side option to their Rugby games. It would be great to be able to select the best seven players from your country and play against the best seven from another country or even enter them into Sevens Tournaments.

What do you reckon?
That would be great, I'm actually surprised they don't bring out a EA BIG style game for sevens ala NFL STREET.
Aye that would be a good thing to have, though I think if there were to be a sevens game, it may well be released on it's own.
If the IOC decided to introduce Sevens to the Olympics for London 2012, they'd probably try to give that side of rugby as much exposure as possible in the meantime, particularly in the US. Could be a good chance of a Sevens game in the next 3/4 years :)
As far as i know Sevens wont be included int he games as the commitee voted out for it
A Sevens mode would really be a cool feature to have and to be truthful I'd probably play it more than the 15-a-side having played for (and winning) my Counties Sevens Tournament when I was at school (Many, many, many years ago!)

It'd also be really cool if they put the IRB Sevens Series in just to spice things up!
The problem is that EAs AI would not be good enough for a sevens game - sadly.

But we live in hope. :D

We are all in agreement so I say "make it so EA Sports."

Welcome Holland Sauce.
Thank U Confused

I think adding Sevens is the only way EA can progress the series unless they start picking up a few more licences.

My worry is that as next year is a regular world cup year we might not see anything until 2009 when they have the next sevens world cup.

We really need to let EA know that we want the Sevens mode in RUGBY 07!!!!
someone make a petition and then post it on the ea board somewhere

though i doubt anyone would read it but it would be good to try

i would do it myself but.. i am 2 lazy :)
Personanly id love to see a sevens game and i think its a possibility cos there was alot of coverage of the sevens rugby in the commonwealth games (congrats on the gold NZ) but i think if they do it would be interesting to see an EA sports big version like someone suggested earlier.

Also remember that by the time we get a new rugby game all the next gen consoles will b out (PS3 in NOV :D ) so the extra space on the discs etc should mean they can make more intelligent AI
Ok, I'll admit it.

All this talk about a Sevens game got me a bit nostalgic and so first thing this morning I crawled into the loft and dusted off my old commodore 64 and International Rugby Challenge (which was made by CODEMASTERS) and played that for a few hours (after taking an hour to get it loaded)

It's only six-a-side but it's the closest thing out there currently!

As for making it an EA Big ***le this might not be a bad idea as long as it gets proper teams!
I just thought it'd make a decent BIG game so it could include some over the top sidesteps and passing
Probably wouldn't sell enough... and the same people who asked for it will ***** about EA ripping them off by having them (7's and 15's) as 2 seperate games.
Yes, a very valid point, but I wouldn't complain if I had to spend extra... BIG games are usually cheaper anyway.

Oh and EVOL, great sig. I only just realised it was of Tana. B)
Even a normal rugby game doesn't sell that well imagine how poor a 7's game would sell.

I guess that a game's company could add it on to a normal rugby game as a special feature, maybe an unlockable. But the two versions of rugby are quite different and I think that it would be hard to do - think about all that extra space.

"Opps dive tackled and missed - damn that's another try I just conceded."

As a stand-alone game this is a very fringe sport. Even five-a-side football games are rare and they would sell a lot better.

And totally off track - the reason that Rugby 7's isn't included in the Olympics (apart from the fact that it would add a lot more athletes) is because they do not have an adequate woman's series. The IOC considers it to be sexist to not include a female event as well.
It was also not put forward because not every country plays the sport like football
I think they could do it but with a limited release just europe and NZ, Aus and SA. the territories where rugby is most popular.
I also think that an EA Sports Big version would be the best way to do it round the back passes and OTT sidesteps and dodges, like someone said earlier. but also if its a EA SB version fouls etc probably wont be an issue so could have some over the top tackles aswell

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