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Shall we put out pride where our mouth is?


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Sep 12, 2011
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So who takes the pot of gold this time? Let's keep it simple. Not who you want to win, but who do you think will win? No rationale, no buts, no ifs. Following WR's precedents let's make this 100% result oriented. Bragging rights to the winner, course.
Minor caveat: if you are picking your country to win, you are allowed to pick another one, to eliminate bias and all. If in doubt, pick the other nation.
I'll go first.

South Africa.

Best of luck gents.
I just have a feeling that New Zealand will peak for this and be a dark horse.
Honestly no idea. Last time I put a grand on South Africa cause I was at the point in my life where I made terrible decisions once an hour and cause it was obvious either them or NZ would win it.

This year I can see any of the top four taking it and it really just depends on injuries and bounce of our holi oblong ball. Ireland and South Africa are the consistent ones, France has the highest peak, while NZ has the lowest floor. Really could be any one of them that wins. Scotland is on its own in 5th and won't make it to quarters. Then there are 7 or so teams which are good but can't challenge. 4 of them are in one pool which is quite funny.
Based on Friday night, it's South Africa for me.

(partly influenced by France already getting 3 votes)
Why isn't this a poll?
That's a good idea. Could probably run one every week from now to the final, and see how it changes.

But to answer the question of "why isn't this only a poll": It's easier to quote in posterity
A Poll on who we currently think will win the 2023 RWC

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