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haven't been playing rugby for a year now. and i'm planning on going down for trainings next week onwards. any tips as to how i might get under the radar and being pin pointed as like a low stamina guy.
Yeah don't puke up on the sidelines.

But seriously at the beginning of the training session tell the coach that you have an ankle injury (or similar) and even though it is okay you might just have to take it easy for the couple of sessions.

And work bloody hard at improving your fitness in the meantime.
injury excuse work best... strap your ankle up maybe, make it believable! walk with a gimp limp too! haha
train hard for part of the training and when you feel your very tired tell your coach about your "recurring ankle problem" and that its best that you dont put it in anymore risk...

then go for long runs and maybe some sprint training aswell to improve speed and fitness..

what position are you playing??
been playing since i was 6, but it was only recently that some coach chucked me at fullback/wing then later at openside breakaway. im not exactly BI, more on the lean and lanky side, but i'vwe got me some strength. so i fancy a run at 9 or 12? haha
i think i'll just put on one of those closed knee patella support thingamajigs. i hope the coach notices :lol:

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