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    Wow - this seems like a REALLY big deal, unless I'm greatly mistaken?

    How will teams survive? And does this mean permanent destruction for the Saracens? 'Championship clubs say they are "disappointed" ... with Bedford chairman Geoff Irvine describing it as Premiership ring-fencing "in all but name" '
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  3. Old Hooker

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    It is a big deal. And agree that it’s likely to lead to ring fencing.

    Job losses will follow among other consequences. London Scottish have already said their players will have to go part time next year.

    it’s always been very questionable how much professionalism could be sustained outside the Premiership. But this is the 2nd tier and the amount each club gets now - pre slash - is probably less than Sinckler’s annual salary at Brizzle.

    Should prob be in the RFU Championship section if a mod can move, but glad someone picked up on this.
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  4. TRF_Olyy

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    Yup, looks like they're trying to strangle the Championship to justify ringfencing in 2021

    Short sighted and will damage the pro game in the long run.
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  5. Tigs Man

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    I mean the Championship will never be sustainable as a full pro league, unfortunately no question about it.
    For comparison
    Pro D2 (Which is what most people bring up) - Average attendance = 5,542
    Championship = 1,713

    And the gap between the relegated side and other clubs is too big now that the play-offs is gone.
    Currently it stands.
    53 wins
    3 losses

    Ealing are what the closest team and get an average attendance of 800 (Tigers academy had over 500 people watching it the other week).

    But it's most likely done to enforce ringfencing, as opposed to a larger rethinking of the lower leagues which is needed more.
    What is worrying is the news coming out from Pirates
    "The Championship is an RFU tournament, meaning that the clubs do not control the league’s sponsorship rights; these are held by Twickenham. But over the last few years we have received no Championship-specific sponsorship funding, no Championship-specific TV broadcast deal, or any promotion by Twickenham of the community work which is being done by our clubs, such as wheelchair rugby, suicide prevention, and helping older people with dementia, and could also suffer as a result of these cuts."

    Now that is a massive worry, about how the lower leagues are run by the RFU.

    A question might be would it be better for the PRL to run both the Prem and Championship. As the RFU clearly have no interest in it and whilst the championship won't be worth much it could still be used to sweeten deals etc of potential sponsors, TV rights etc etc.
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