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Small query regarding Jonah Lomu rugby...


Saint N Sinner

Hey guys, i have recently inherited the "downstairs" PC and I was wondering if any of you guys have ran Jonah Lomu Rugby on Windows ME...Because it doesnt have ME written on he requirements bit..and I ran worms 2 on it the other day, and same thing.

probably because the release of the game was way behind the release of ME.
i highly doubt it..

U should really get rid of ME.. its more of a virus than a operating system.
The game isn't supported by Windows ME, I'm pretty sure it says so on the box if you look closely. If I were you I'd get a decent PS emulator and a second-hand copy of the game instead.
"It does if you run it under emulation mode.

I managed it at least... "

How do you run JLR in emulation mode ? I've got xp, couldn't install JLR.

Fack knows how, I just did. The sound didn't work mind.

Syndicate Wars did the same.
If you have the game installed, right-click on the exe file that starts the game, click on the compatibilty tab, click on the checkbox next to "Run this program in compatibilty mode for" and select the right option, think it would probably be windows95
I tried the compatibility modes but to no avail, only modes covered appear to be W95 to W2000, not xp.

Tried installing from dos mode aswell, as described in manual for JLR, but still no joy.

I might install w98 on my second hard drive and install JLR on that (or just wait for rugby 2005 to come out and stick with that).
It may run on ME but I was just cheking if others have had success in doing so..I might just buy it anyway its only like 2 quid so why not.

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