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So, coaches don't always produce the boost needed, do they?

I said at the time of the appointments that I think international rugby has gone beyond the stage of massive instant impacts from a coaching change (neither Farrell or Galthie had it for example). Being in the last leg of a world cup cycle only amplified it yesterday. Its also why I think Jones is more of a Lions tour appointment than RWC.

The top 3 itw look like they have a pretty insurmountable lead on the rest to me right now, maybe there will be one semi final upset but I'm almost certain the winner is coming from the tough side of the draw.

The only outfit that I think could have benefitted hugely from a late coaching changes was NZ.
i love the fact the T I T in t i t l e is sensored

yeah, its not like football where if a manager loses the locker room they can all deflate...so getting in someone new can just rev them up again, football can buy a guy in the morning and be playing him that afternoon...never happen in rugby

rugby and especially rep or international rugby can take more time to turn things around, build better relationships etc

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