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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jinxed_nz, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. jinxed_nz

    jinxed_nz Guest

    Now be fair on me because im not really a complete idiot, but ive had rugby 2005 on pc sence it first came out and i never really thought about it but ive never played a night game. Is it just me or does the pc not have night games?
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  3. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Certain stadia are played in at night. Like Wellington.

    thats stupid...backward step in sports games when u cant choose whether its day or nite

    congratulations ea!!!
  5. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    I know!!! Just plain lazyness on on EA's part! Along with not including offloads, that was one of the stupidest things in the game!
  6. offload wud have made the game so much more exciting and the ai much more stupid
  7. And maybe the "crossing" rule should be included, but it can be very confusing, especially for EA's AI.
  8. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    can we deal with aspects of long term enjoyment, gameplay and lastbaility?

    custom tournaments
    freer, less-inhibited and free-flowing gameplay with less animation control and a concentration on graphical updates etc..LAST.

    How about that?

    It's a good game, especially at agreater scale and with edited teams...I like the game more than ever actually.

    But it doesn't need 'crossing' needs gameplay adjustments and improvements and extra game playing options.
  9. I think crossing falls under gameplay though. Like, when you give the short ball off a ruck and your scrumhalf always crosses in front of you . . . that gets on my tits (and not on a good way).

    But I agree, they need some "no-brainers" to help make this a more enjoyable (lasting) game.

    What is really killing it for me is this:
    1. Having to change my Barbarians line-up EVERYtime I want to play as them. And not being able to choose whomever the poop I'd like. It's the Barbarians.

    2. No Lions in open play. WTF? Not even winning the test series on all difficulties - come on!!! How else am I going to see that much sought-after (only in my head) series between the Lions and the USA if not in the world of video rugby.

    3. Custom tournys and series'.

    4. Offloads -- I don't know. I'm really enjoying the passing. Maybe if passing were a tad quicker, but, I guess offloads are plausible if you 'win' the tackle. Like you shouldn't be able to offload if you're getting driven back in the tackle. But, if you're driving over the top of the tackler, and the support is there, then boom, offload is available.
  10. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Okay goes...

    I've actually brainstormed an idea on this I would share with EA if they bothered to listen and it wouldn't be a waste of my solves everything.

    (oh and I agree with all you have said....the game is where you have the freedom - supposedly - to do what you want - play the lions with whomever, wherever etc etc) [​IMG]

    This is it....


    There are two types of offloads....and knowing which one is initiated is dependant on the situation:

    1. ball is offloaded like a normal pass - long or short depending on button pressing duration, as already is, these passes occur like any other i.e. they can miss their target/go to no one etc...and they only occur, say, when a player is going to ground with a round the ankles or legs tackle by fb. wing etc....

    2. This offload occurs in tighter quarters....perhaps an isolated forward being driven back, as you say, and invloves a bar coming up...much like the stacey jones kicking bar (actually exactly like this) - offering a once across each way chance to push and get the middle which will execute the offload in the direction chosen......miss the mark and so does the pass.....get the edges and the ball will be lost forward or, if you are lucky, not passed at all as the chance to vanishes.

    Neither will work if the ball carrier has been wrapped up.

    simple, testing, random, least, I think it is a good idea that can be easily implemented...what do you think caps?

    Obviously it has the added advantage of being unpredictable, you might get wrapped, when you thought you were going to get leg tackled and thus get the bar style instead of the easy 'feel' one...and thus mistime it and turn it over...i.e. bad option taking = real life/sim.

    Why won't these guys listen to me? I reckon, given time, I (with all the great ideas raised here by everyone) could come up with a game of rugby that could be logically implemented and designed easily....but it would never get made as it would not need to be updated!!!! See, that is the problem here......apparently.

    Why don't they take ISS Pro EV as an example and a lead - those games always seem the best - then the next is better. Rugby should be no different. The sequel to blics will be twice the game that EA's rugby sequel was..and that is not right IMO.

    Rugby 2005 is fun....but it is also inhibiting and shortsighted at times. Come on EA!!!!!! Let me give you the tools to make this worth paying for, but becos you are so interminably tight arsed, I'll do it for free. [​IMG]

    Just PM me and I'll give you what you need you strange, gameplay-hindered madmen! Geez, good effort, but simple, implementable changes can solve this game and make it a massive seller with a guarantedd 9+ out of 10 from every reviewer on the planet. I guarantee it personally.


  11. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I'm often finding at the moment the AI is using another player as a blocker thus making you tackle the wrong man. Which annoys the hell out of me. [​IMG]
  12. Los, I'm with you to a certain extent - and I like the idea of errant passes, ball going to ground (and then you could make better use of the hack button and hack it down the field if it should happen but ...)

    Clearly we'd have to develop what's in your head to see how you see your 2nd option for offloads is because when I read 'bars come up on the screen' -- I just think of something else I need to look at in the heat of play that should happen as quick as in real life (blink and you'll miss type speed). Initially, I think bars and passing don't really work.

    But, when you say tight quarters . . . I think of those times in matches where you can hand the ball of to someone right there next to you and they run off whilst you get taken to ground.
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