Sore losers!

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by ecks tartan army, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Hard work only beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

    Sort out the complacency in your own game instead of trying to change the rulebook to contrive success.

    A game based around territorial kicking will necessarily yield a whole load of possession to the opposition...if the opposition can't exploit that then it's their fault. No need for rule changes.

    And if, as people are saying, England's game is penalty based then it's only 'cause the opposition are second best around the ruck and so constantly infringe. Just changing the infringement rules or the consequences of them is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    The other teams need to live up to their own press rather than moaning and demanding rule changes on the shaky premise of entertainment value. They weren't strong enough to compete at the rucks and clinical enough to turn the opposing teams territorial kicks into scoring opportunities. Back to the gym and the training field not the drawing board.


    I'll bold it in case you missed it the first time - These rule's were being put in motion long before the World Cup

    It's not some big Southern Plot we cooked up overnight (as much as you might want it to be), these laws were on the drawing board around the time of the Lions series, and had already had a full season of testing by the time we romped through the North in 2006.
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  3. What?

    I'll bold it in case you missed it the first time - These rule's were being put in motion long before the World Cup

    It's not some big Southern Plot we cooked up overnight (as much as you might want it to be), these laws were on the drawing board around the time of the Lions series, and had already had a full season of testing by the time we romped through the North in 2006. [/b][/quote]

    I don't care if these proposals were discovered amongst the dead sea scrolls. Is there anything in my post you disagree with?
  4. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Steyn is better. But he'd be even better at Full back. Also Wilkinson currently shaves it by:

    1. Not trying to take on the world and then attempt a crazy offload when he should be really going to ground with the ball.
    2. Not trying to throw crazy passes in a blind panic.
    3. Not trying to attempt a quick line out throw and lobbing the ball to a startled Montgomery sitting inside his own team's try area.
    Steyn is a phenominal prospect but he just needs to calm down. Top marks to the older members of the team (in the forwards, Habana & Montgomery hang your heads in shame) for slapping him round the back of the head whenever he does anything silly.
  5. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    Er...excuse me? Take Martin Corry's comments post match:

    Obviously, extremely discraceful. Don't worry Stevie boy, we'll hunt this Corry bugger down and lynch him for saying such scandalous words!

    What exactly were they doing that was shameful? Was the idea of Mike Catt bringing his kid onto the pitch post match the thing that irked you? Or was it the fact that a losing team was doing the radical thing of looking glum because they just lost the most important match of rugby they'll ever play in a four year cycle? Shameful! Ban the lot of them from rugby (I never liked Farrell anything, he always looked like a smacked arse in my opinion).

    The fact is that only two players acted in a shameful way, and that was a week or two after the World Cup Final: Laurence Dallaglio and Mike Catt. Mark Cueto is just in denial but who can blame him because he was the guy who put the effort in and strained every muscle in his body to get across the line and score the try. If anyone else was in the same position in such a high stakes game, they'd be swearing blind that it was a try too! The rest at the time congratulated South Africa (and still do actually) and took the defeat on the chin.


    OK! Lets quote:

    Lawrence Dallaglio's post match comments on Schalk Burger's alleged illegal breakdown tactics that prevented Mark Cueto from a try.
    Hmmm... ok

    Yip 'took it on the chin' well :huh: . Well the whole world missed that one Lawrence. He can see quite well for a guy his age.

    Now onto Cueto's proffesional post match comments.

    You know what you're absolutely right, he is in terrible denial! Not just in denial, but challenging the refs decision 3 times in that brief interview. He should of grabbed a kid for that interview, as I've heard it improves you credibility.

    Oh but ol' Dallaglio hasn't finished yet!

    Another well taken hook to the chin by the man in the white (with a hint of red) shorts.

    Now that I'm finished with those 2 let me focus on the squad.

    Can anyone even remember how many English players didn't shake our presidents hand? I kinda lost count, although I noticed Dallaglio and Wilkinson didn't. Wilkinson the face of English rugby. I guess they were to busy looking glum to give recognition to possibly the most influencial president in Africa. Stand-up losers they really are.
  6. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    You'll get another smug reply not matter what you quote. You'll need a high court judge just to verify they actually said those things......

    Thats for the 5% (or less) of english fans who've proven an All Black whinge can't match their world cup level efforts. I feel sorry for those like Teh and others who've shown what grown up is.

    Ah, the great typical english majority of people, please stand up and ask the very minor minority to get over it and we'll all leave it to history.
  7. Crackdown

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    Big Lol is a twat of the highest order - same as Catty... I wouldn't base common opinion on those two tools (you could chuck one or two more in there as well).

    Where's your source for these comments as they weren't shown here at all to my knowledge?
  8. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    So Stevie boy, essentially all you've done is just quoted a load of quotes from biggest mouth in English rugby and someone who at that point was understandibly in total denial about scoring a 'try' (which wasn't a try by the way).

    This might come as a surprise to you mate, but two people (well one person) does not make the English players being "discraceful". Dayglo is Dayglo, we didn't want him along and neither probably did the other 31 guys on the squad but he invited himself virtually. So quit trying to tar 31 other gentlemen with the same brush.

    Mate, Cueto had just put everything on the line to try and make a score, he's high on adrenaline and has just been told that his effort was ruled (correctly according to the still frames and other replays other than the two shown) out of bounds, of course he's going to be extremely damn excited and agitated and sure it was a try! Its the most important game of rugby he'll ever play in his life so if he thought he scored a try, one which could have turned the match (maybe) it'll stick in his mind for the rest of his life.

    Obviously, you're trying to construct this kind of thought process and argue that this was what Cueto was thinking:

    When really, all he was thinking was:


    That isn't "shameful", its just someone pretty overexcited, stop trying to make it look like a virtual international incident. South Africa to call for UN Sanctions over Cueto comments! Aye yeah mate.

    And over the thing about not shaking the South African Presidents hand:

    1) Who did you see shaking Gordon Brown's hand from either team? (Not that I'd be pretty happy with anyone shaking Gordon Brown's hand anyway, he's not exactly the guy on the world stage with the most scruples, why would you want the Boks the shake the hand of the man who bankrolled one of the biggest millitary and diplomatic blunders of recent times (the invasion of Iraq) as well as cronism and corruption on a vast scale?

    2) Why should the England team shake the hand of a President who has presided over a spiraling crime rate, a shocking approach to the endemic HIV/AIDS problem in Southern Africa and a frankly shameful approach to 'solving' the question of Zimbabwe?

    Sometimes Stevie, if the kettle and pot is black, you're better off just getting one of those nice KRUPS espresso machines and save yourself from getting your hands dirty. This is exactly why politics should be left out of sport, neither world leader should have been on that field, it just reeks of phony short term image conscious politics.

    At the end of the day, if I was on either team, I probably wouldn't shake any hands from any politician. My respect for Brown and Mbeki is roughly around the level of my respect for Scientology. If that makes me a pariah then so be it. Nothing personal, I just really don't like politics being mixed into things I love most. This is the same with me and the European Comission trampling over open source rights....what?

    At the end of the day, this isn't a smug reply, more a bemused one and I'll tell you why. None of us here honestly thought we'd even get to the QFs, let alone the actual Final. On Quarter Final day, England was focused on Lewis Hamilton and some international dive ball thing. The Final itself in London was brilliant, an electric atmosphere and lots of fun between England and Bok fans. After the match, not a bad word was said and I think Matt, Quintes, Charlie, Tim & Steve can all vouch for that (we did cover allot of central London after the match). The worst it got was when a very drunk (and fat, get in there Matt) South African woman who had ten too many vodkas kept on staggering around me drunkenly slurring "Shhouwwwthff Hemishhhveereee winshsssh againshh" repeatedly until I, being driven to insanity with The Rugby Forum special needs party constantly asking me if we were going home, turned to her and told her bluntly to "**** off".

    So to see all of this "sore loser" thing being banded about is frankly confusing! :huh: I know its banter so I am approaching this in all seriousness without bashing the keyboard in a Los Lover fit of rage...honest...
  9. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    So Prestwick, essentially all you've done is say the same things from your last post but added a drunk chick and some politics. I'm sure Wilko was thinking of all the AIDS orphans in SA when he ignored our president. You also mentioned that Mbeki was just pulling a political publicity stunt, probably, but it was not a very original one at the time. I would say that about 70% of the parliment was wearing a Bok jersey that entire week. The vibe in SA was awesome. It didn't matter that some people only knew Habana from the team, the nation was behind the Boks. Seems everybody is running for president these days! Does seeing our troubled nation in unity 'irk' you? Mbeki had every right to be there, and I think alot of people in SA would of been disappointed to not see him there.

    Generally denial is frowned upon where I come from, perhaps this is a conflict in values and principals rather than opinions. I also believe in the team mentality when it comes to rugby, and when you are wearing your nations colours and representing it, personal interests take a side line. As the man who governs South Africa, the nation that was engraved on that weird bottom piece that the kid dropped (LOL), he should be acknowledged. Half your post was about politics, I thought you like to keep rugby and that seperate (BTW wasn't it Tony Blair that gave the nod for the Iraq invasion. Kinda seems like Brown is stuck with that mess now). And the England supporters gave big cheers for a guy that they hate (as you claim), Dayglo, everytime he came off the bench throughout the WC. And that ending comment of yours about you approaching this with all seriousness; the mentioning of UN sanctions, KRUPS espresso machines and Scientology says otherwise.

    Rinkadink, here are my sources:

    I suggest we call this one Prestwick because all your comments have been hiersay, and you can not counter facts with hiersay. Cueto probably this, Wilko probably that, and Dayglo is a tool/twat.
  10. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    So, is the wholse basis of you anti-English rant because the players rightly didn't shake the hands of a <strike>parasite</strike> politician or because an Italian and a Saffa, neither of whom any of us wanted in the squad anyway, both threw post match hissy fits in order to sell their books?
  11. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    First of all Stevie boy, it is spelled heresay and secondly, what I am saying isn't heresay. What I am saying is that just because you're cut & pasting about twenty quotes of Laurence Dallaglio, it doesn't mean that the entire England team was absolutely shameful and discraceful.

    You really need to stop trying to blow things up to make them look bigger and more sensational than they actually are. Fact: the England team congratulated South Africa on a well fought win. Captain Phil Vickery congratulated them and said in subsequent interviews that the best team won and that England were not good enough. This was echoed by other team members like Martin Corry, Matthew Tait, Nick Easter, should I go on?

    Apparently though, that stands for nothing because someone who was on the field for ten minutes gobbing off means that the ENTIRE ENGLND TEAM HATES SOUTH AFRICA OMG WTF!!!131321 ITZ WARZZ!!"12!1212 :eek:

    And apparently, because I don't like the idea of politicians cynically cashing in on the hard fought success of a national team, I am now a colonialist pig-dog! Should I dress up for this role? You know, top hat, tails, monocle and big curly moustache? Time to plot the downfall and enslavement of Wales methinks! Who is with me?!

    Essentially, your argument is weak. It is based entirely on the hysterical ranting of a couple of tabloid sports reporters, Dallaglio gobbing off and some of the team members not shaking Mbeki's hand. It ignores the good sporting nature of the English fans, both at Paris and in the UK and of the actual players who have congratulated the Boks on a hard fought and deserved win.

    Stop trying to make mountains out of mole hills mate, its getting very boring at the moment.
  12. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    Let it go boys, do you honestly think this argument will go anywhere?

    Moderator Prestwick says:
  13. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    Agreed. Like I said in my last post, lets call this one. We both raised good points but we are not gonna see eye-to-eye on this one. And Teh Mite I'm not anti-English, I have a few Brits friends. And I don't blame the entire English team and the entire English nation, but it was not the most graceful departure from a competition for them, especially not since the 2000 6N (or was it still the 5N back then?) IMO.

    Oh ja, Prestwick it's actually hearsay and Steve-o (not Stevie boy)
  14. nam97

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    Lol, look at kids' facial expressions in the background, "f*** the actual game itself and let's get it on!!!"
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