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South Africa Players on the Lash



A few of my friends were up in Galway city the other night and bumped into Matfield, Berger, Pienaar, Piercy Montgomerie, Oz de Rand and the rest of the first team out on the absoloute **** apparantly they could hardly walk, didn't know who they were and some were getting sick.

A bit close to the World Cup to be drinking I would've thought :unsure:
maybe it's a general problem. at the world cup cricket south africa had a similar problem where after a match there was also one hell of a **** up...

think if you want to compete on professional level, you have to behave like one. even if that mean that you don't drink for a period before, and during the world cup...
They still have time. A good ****-up with a days recovery is a very deserved reward for an international team two and a bit weeks before a world cup. Galways a fantastic city, very friendly and a place that's more than welcoming for a group of pissheads out for a good time. Anyway, pissups are good team building exercises, and forcing them to train with an immense hangover is a great coaching tool as well.

I don't see any problem with it, unless they risked going to Supermacs and the associated food poisoning.
Nah, us Saffas don`t get food poisoning- we dish it out :bleh!: .

Anyway, like already mentioned, 20-odd days to go before the kick-off of the RWC, so who`s counting the beers? Just a bit of good-natured fun before really getting down to business, unlike the cricket blokes who prefer to go out onto the field with a "moerse babelas" (helluva hangover).
When the Wallabies played Connacht in Galway about ten years ago, I saw David Campese walking up Quay Street at about 10pm - all on his own! Not a squad kind of guy.

I think Connacht used a 15 man lineout during the match, some lunatic tactic like that.

The ABs used to drink their own **** in Dublin nightclubs - said it was stonger than the "farkin beer". They must have been taking something, antibiotics or something like that.
Yeah - always a sticky point, isn't it.
Personally, I reckon that completely abstaining from alcohol during the tournament might have a negative effect on some of the lads.
I think it's just one way to shut down a bit - and if it works for them, that's cool with me.

Besides, I'm not going to be the one to tell Os and Bakkies that they're not allowed to have beer for the next few weeks... thin line between bravery and stupidity :)
Remember the old saying

Those who train hard, play hard, therefore party hard"

Club roots level, proventual level and national level

You get your results required


Thats what rugby's about...

If your not doing that you may as well stay in church :)
You get your results required


That's all good and well, so you win the semis and everyone get's ****** and playes like crap during the final.

I say stay away from alcohol during the WC, it's fine if they get smashed a week or 2 before it starts, maybe even a few days before, but not during.
That's all good and well, so you win the semis and everyone get's ****** and playes like crap during the final.[/b]

Only a fool would get ****** on a semi final.. To be quite honest ive never heard of a player whos done that.

Anyway whats the celebration for a semi final when the big games a week later??

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