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Thought i start a thread about the SPL. Predictions, game talk and stuff like that.

I think that Celtic will win with Rangers and Aberdeen following at 2nd and 3rd!

Any thoughts on the recent games.

Was surprised when Ranger beat Falkirk? 7-2. That'll help their goal difference!!
my bold prediction is that rangers will walk it, with Celtic second and Aberdeen a distant third.

Rangers will win the SC, with Aberdeen/Hearts wining the CIS Cup.

Rangers and Celtic will both reach CL groups, and both go out in last 16 of UEFA Cup.

St. Mirren will loose out to Gretna in bid to stay in top flight, while St. Johnston will replace them.

do you suport a team? i used to support rangers, but have pretty-much converted to rugby after last season! (although above predictions are propbably made from the heart)

well i was a very big Celtic fan but about two years ago i fully converted to rugby. I still kinda support them but not much. I don't really care who wins, just as long as it's good for Scotland.
Im in the same (or should it be opposite) boat.

looking forward to Scotland v Lithuania - always up for a trip to Hampden!
Yeah doubt I'll make it up for the game though, but will be watching on tv (if it's on) or following it on the net.
probably be on sky.

i just hoping the alternative phone number for the SECC ticket office is still in use - got us tickets for Scotland v France just when we thought the game was a bogey!

a bit off-topic, but i dont suppose you know how i can get tickets for Scotland away from home in the 6 Nations do you?
Err... sorry no but why not try the main page internet page of the country to get them.

Because that's what i did when i went down to Wales to watch a Newport-Gwent Dragons match.

Hope it helps
A bit off-topic, but i found this video on youtube.

We'll Be Coming!

What you think Scots, i quite like it.

You might of heard it at one of the games before!
well i know irish friends who we plan to go with, but they say its almost impossible to get tickets through the IRFU
good song that, but better ones in the arsenal! (we have a dream)

just realised tickets for Lithuania went on sale a week ago! :(

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