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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by RugbyChump, Sep 19, 2007.

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    Yet again Wales has gone into a world cup blindfolded, gagged and barely hopping on one leg. Our head coach has failed to develop a strike team that can truly cause problems for the opposition, we're playing a 'gameplan' which doesn't have a sense of itself from top to bottom, and one which we're ill-equipped to carry out. Fast rewind back to 2005, that moment of magic, the time when we had finally lifted ourselves up from the precipice and breathed fire for the first time in a longwhile. Our forwards whilst not the biggest worked effectively as a unit, they would make the hard yards and break over the gain line. Giving us more territory and offering a stable platform in which our backs could score from. It was like a renaissance, a gathering of the best crasftsman in the land to paint the canvas with their own colour and style. We would commit much fewer players to the breakdown, usually about 2 - 3, aggressively rucking, retaining and sometimes stealing quick ball and feeding it out to the hungry backs. Even the forwards would indulge in this beautiful art, their skills were magnificent and Michael Owen, Ryan Jones and Martyn Williams were the perfect link. Now we've stumbled backwards, into the old precipice that's dogged us since the 80's. Whilst our forwards aren't small they're still not big enough to bruise even the lightest of the southern hemisphere. There's certainly no power in them to make that many hard yards. They often get knocked backwards and we're found wanting as we scramble for the ball or dive into the ruck with far too many players. Exposing ourselves even more, just like a nudist beight caught out at peak time on a public beach.

    However as it's been ever apparent, this is a common occurence amongst all the northern hemisphere nations. There must be several factor at work here. Too much emphasis on size; whilst saying Wales weren't big enough they can't be carrying that much muscle. Skill levels are atrocious, look at how the SH teams offload, it's a integral part of their game. Look how they handle a high ball and most importantly how they react. Often thumping it down the field a la Latham. Also kicking away possession needlessly is another old hang over for Wales. We get the ball and instead of running it we kick it aimlessly to the likes of Latham who will punish you mercilessly.

    The blame for this firstly is lack of professionalism. Hearing stories about players going out on the ****, having witness this myself on numerous occasions. Autumn internationals 2005 at 'Jumping Jacks' a club in Cardiff. Seeing Gethin Jenkins carrying several bottles of VK Blue in his arms. A nice little huddle of players whilst they were adulated by women, pathetic. Now we hear that the coaching staff themselves do the same! Secondly the inept coaching staff. They've had what 18 games to shape us up, a tour to Argentina and Australia, several autumn/summer stand alone games. Yet we haven't progressed, in fact we've regressed to the good old days. When Ruddock took over he had the sense and aptitude to keep the then current coaches, Andrew Hore (NZ) fitness coach, Scott Johnson skills coach and Clive Griffiths (defence coach & former league player). No we have Robin McBryde as forwards coach, an ex-player who has no coaching experience whatsoever. Neil Jenkins the kicking coach also an ex-player who has no great experience with coaching. Nigel Davies the skills/attack coach who hasn't got a great track record with Llanelli. There's also Rowland Phillips the defence coach whose only experience as far as I know was with Neath, yet that's hardly international standard. I feel if Gareth Jenkins had surrounded himself with the very best specialists then things might've turned out a lot different. Instead he picked a pack of jokers that have made Wales a strong and proud rugby nation to be the laughing stock of the world and "village idiots".

    Some may have detected some venom in my other posts. That's not because I despise Australia or anyone else. I thought they deserved the win they grafted out for themselves. I didn't like how people were writing off the Welsh players because they are utter class, they suffer heavily from a neanderthal coaching staff and their own hubris.

    Let's not get into the rugby system of Wales. We have numbers upon numbers upon numbers of committee men that form the WRU. Any new changes or measures that are to be brought in has to be passed by these old farts in blazers who live in the amateur era. They only care about themselves and their own petty interests. Not about the greater good of the game in Wales. Of course only with foreign input; Graham Henry, Steve Hansen, Scott Johnson, Andrew Hore, David Moffet has there been any wholesale changes made to the game. The introduction of regions being one. With those regions the academies.

    However it all seems it's gone to waste because we have utter donkeys in charge :wall:
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  3. RugbyChump

    RugbyChump Guest

    Just to top it off, here's a classic quote by Gareth Jenkins in today's South Wales Echo newspaper :-

    "Public opinion is on my side and a survey would confirm that the Welsh people blame the press for the negativity around the national rugby team at present"
  4. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    Brilliant post there Rugby Champ. This is exactly what alot of Welsh fans are saying. It may not be the Numpty in charge that is crap, but his coaching staff is a bunch of amateurs. I believe with the right coaching staff behind Jenks, we could emulate our form from 05.
  5. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    If only someone could give him the site address for most Union forums, especially TRF.
  6. RugbyChump

    RugbyChump Guest

    If only someone could give him the site address for most Union forums, especially TRF.

    I don't know whether he's living in a complete bubble or it's the 'yes' men around him. I can't for the life of me understand why you would employ a coaching staff that has no experience. Why didn't these guys visit the SH teams and see how it's done down there. Meanwhile specialists with real experience, expertise and knowledge could apply their craft to our badly struggling dragon.

    Does it **** you off to see Wales doing poorly?
  7. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    YES, it does **** me off. Last weekend was a great chance for them to beat Australia and they blew it big time.

    Of all the NH teams, Wales is nation that I actively support - because of a certain Rob Howley - and also because of the certain gameplan they employ which is somehow similar to us.

    Now, I'm hoping we beat them next week so it could wake the old farts up in the WRU and sack the coach and all his circus friends.
  8. RugbyChump

    RugbyChump Guest

    Haha nicely put. Shame we can't start with the ringmaster.

    Wales do have great players, but they suffer from a lack of clinicalness, good execution, tactical nous and basic ball handling. Which seems to come effortless for you guys. There are big lads like Cockbain, Gareth Delve (lock/flanker - huge!), Ian Evans (lock) and even Dafydd Jones (flanker) but they're either injured, suspended or not on form lol. We're not that much smaller than the SH, however you guys seem to have more muscle and power than us. Not sure whether our forwards have gone overboard with Creatine and pumped their arms full of water not muscle.

    We need something drastic to shake Welsh rugby from it's apathetic lumbering state.
  9. RC

    RC Guest

    Please, Juggernauts boys have probably never even touched creatine!
    Those pacific islanders (am i right in saying Polynesian?) are massive ********...naturally.
  10. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Technically we're Melanesians (along with PNG, Vanuatu, Solomon Is, New Caledonia) but half of our population could be classed as Polynesians as there has been inter-marriages between us & Tonga & Samoa.
  11. Fozastuta

    Fozastuta Guest

    Excellent post. You have explained the feelings of the majority not the minority of Welsh fans. The man see's the world different to others. I dont know whether he's stubborn or just plain thick. His goals keep on getting wider, first of all were to be judged in the world cup, still same old glaring errors, now he needs 4 years, despite having the strongest squad in years. If the arse licking sniffling littlemen at WRU see fit to give this idiot 4 more years, i will turn my back on Welsh rugby and that pains me to say.
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