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I totally forgot to let the guys here know.

I met Rico Gear and Leeon MacDonald yesterday in the rugby shop i work in.
I met the 2 last year as they were hanging out together, must be good buddies.

It's really good to see the guys out walking about, it gives you the opportunity to see them from a non-professional point of view.
Nice Guys as well.

Also passed Matt Rogers a couple of weeks ago. I'm not a tall lad (5'9") but i swear he wasn't taller than me...bizarre.

I'll keep you guys posted if i meet anymore AB's.

Fingers crossed on Dan Carter and Nonu (i just wanna see how big they are in comparison to me B) )

Any of you guys spotted (or met) any rugby players?
Maybe they're roaming Wales at night, anxious to steal young Welsh virgins and children for their satanic sacrifice rituals!

Either that or they're just doing some tourist shopping! :D
Funny you mentioned Nonu because I was talking to one of my Welsh mates on MSN and he saw Nonu in Cardiff the other day.
does meeting them at a game count? like after the game? if not then just chris jack. i cant remember exactly what he did but he was really mean to my friend, she ended up yelling at him calling him a penis, cracked us all up.

then that same year he was the celebrity penis at edge fest (music concert held by a radio station)
i met stirling mortlock back in 2003 when he was doing the buildup for the world cup. i also met john eales at the 16's nationals in 2005. A mate of mine met elton flately early this year when he was down in Tassie for a wedding and also eddie jones when he went back home to burnie.
I f***ing hate it when the All Blacks hit town after their games in Wellington. Some of them (generally the older, experienced ones) are really nice but then others like Jason Eaton f***ing think they own the place. Good thing they tend to go to the snob places like Jet and leave the Cuba quater to us.
Um, let's see:

Stirling Mortlock (tank), Guy Sheperdson (Grammar old boy) and Al Baxter all visited my school a couple of months ago.

Also, met Stephen Larkham last year, as well as Gregan who's dad knows one of our family friends quite well!

Matt Giteau, I met in Kingston - if you've not been to Canberra, you wouldn't know it.

I met Eddie Jones and his family in a Macca's at Sutton Forest on the way to Sydney this year. He was there with his family - and he's quite a nive guy.

Went to Campo's shop earlier this year - at the Rock's in Sydney. Nice joint, nice guy - despite his tendencies to come across a bit arrogant in the papers, etc.

And the list continues... Rod Kafer, Jim Williams, Ben Darwin, David Fitter, Digby Beaumont, Mark Batholemeuz (all played for the Brumbies).

And finally, John Eales. He really is a great guy, intelligent and bloody tall!!

I've had a good few years!
A few months back I was stopped at a traffic light in quite a trendy area of Joburg, and this incredible black Lexus comes past so I was checking it out... who was in it? Bryan Habana! It was quite funny cos he looked my way as I was saying to my friend "It's Bryan Habana!" lol

Met a fair share of players over the years.. but at the recent Tri Nations game between the Springboks and the Aussies at Ellis Park, we were standing around talking after the game, and Ashwin Willemse walked past, wearing jeans and a Bok jersey - there as a supporter. Shame, the poor guy won SA Player of the Year in 2003, and has suffered from serious knee and ankle injuries ever since. Great to see him out supporting his former team though.

Met Bobby Skinstad in a pub once a few years back also. Was a weird experience, cos I got introduced to him and he says "Hi, I'm Bob." I wanted to say of course I know who you are!!! :D
met Bath's heineken cup winning team, they came to my primary school for some reason
but ive got a ball signed by most of them
I saw myself in the mirror this morning...a shockingly nice guy, large, muscular, and a certain irresistable sex appeal that drives women to the brink of insanity. Uhm, and I've played with a few guys who are on our national team...but hey, I'm American, what do I know?!
I've met Johnny Wilkinson at Bath Rugby Club after he was a world cup winner!!!

Have also met Tindall, Grewcock, Barkley, Malone, Mears, Jeremy Guscott, Jason Robinson, John Hall and Clive Woodward
Sat next to David Campese at Wales vs Austraila in World Cup SF in 1999.

Neil Jenkins is the other
I met most of the New Zealand team after the Wales game last year.Couldnt get over the size of Jerry Collins arms.I was in the same class in college as James Hook.Also played against Neil jenkins,Sonny Parker,Brent Cockbain when they played for Pontypridd
u have to wait till some other amateur lock , whos twice the size of eaton co,e over and hammer him, then he'll wake up
Might BOD in Eddie Rockets in Dublin a year back. Was quite a nice guy to talk to. Also, sat beside Simon Taylor at the mighty boosh live lats march. Had a good chat with him at the interval. A couple of the Scotland players are registered at our club so I see them floating around Malleny Park sometimes.
I've met Brian O'driscoll last year at the u19 rugby world cup,
met Austin Healey and Eric Rush at a rugby dinner,
met Francois Pienaar at a rugby tournament(he gave me that trophy!!!)
Met Paddy O'Brien (my boss at the u-19 rwc)
Met the NZ u-19 team (tane puki, colin slade, victor vito and more)
Met the OZs.. met all the bloody u-19s basically... lol
I saw myself in the mirror this morning...a shockingly nice guy, large, muscular, and a certain irresistable sex appeal that drives women to the brink of insanity.[/b]

Are you sure you wasn't holding a up a picture of me? It is an easy mistake to make, you know! :D
Yes! Haha, i saw a bunch of the All Blacks boys today:

Rodney Soi'alo
Sitaveni Sivivatu
Piri Weepu
Ali Williams
Ma'a Nonu
Leon Macdonald
Dan Carter


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